TES English panel

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the new TES English group - TES English Teaching. www.tes.co.uk/tesenglishteaching

The group has been established in order to develop and expand on the many wonderful and inspirational resources that you have kindly shared on the TES Secondary English Channel. Sincerely, thank you.

All members of the group have kindly volunteered their time in an effort to help coordinate and deliver our exciting and ambitious TES English Content Plan.

Like you, the group are all members of the TES Secondary English Community. Like you, they all have a passion for teaching and learning in English and, like you, have areas of specialism and interest that they are keen to focus on. Like you, too, they are keen to share teaching ideas, approaches and resources.

We hope that you will be able to support and join us in delivering the plan. If you would like to contribute, or if you have any other suggestions, please email me, or the relevant group member. Alternatively, please post your feedback and ideas here: TES English Content Plan.

TES English Teaching is part of the TES social panel

Chantel Mathias

Managing Editor,
TES English


Based in Wales, I spent 10 years as a Teacher of English and Drama in an 11 - 18 comprehensive. At the same time, I ran a teaching resource website where teachers could pool ideas - much like TES Resources. I love literature.

Laura Evans-Jones

Teacher of English


My degree is in English Literature where I specialised in 19th Century Literature and Children's Literature. I have ongoing reasearch interests in War Literature and more than a passing fascination with John Keats.

Richard Warren

Teacher of English


I am a classroom practitioner in an 11-18 comp in the West Country. I’ve been an exam marker in GCSE Literature for several years and this is my primary specialism. I also have an interest in creative writing.

Deborah Allen

Specialist in English

I began my teaching career in 2003, and currently work as a Learning and Teaching Consultant/the Senior Cross-Phase APP Consultant for a local authority. I am particularly interested in developing young people's creative writing skills.

Leanne Beardmore

Head of English


Completed PGCE in 1998. I went to Japan as a 'JET' for two years.In the UK, I taught English as Head of Key Stage. Obtained MEd in 2006, promoted to Head of English / SLT and SENCo at SEN school.

David Miller

Specialist in English


Located in Scotland. Qualified for 5-10 years. Winner of the Guardian Award for UK Teacher of the Year 2008; Winner of Scottish Teacher of the Year 2008; Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.


Specialist in English

After many years of English teaching, I now have some experience as an examiner. I have a particular interest in Gothic literature, Blake's poetry, the Victorian novel and the work of Philip Larkin.

Adam Webster

Specialist in English

I teach at an independent school in Surrey, where I oversee the delivery of our GCSE syllabus and develop the use of ICT within the department. I believe that teaching should always be as varied and innovative as possible.

Anna Wexler

Teacher of English

I qualified as a Secondary English teacher in 1999 from Cambridge University. I have worked across the secondary age range for a number of years but my area of expertise is KS5, and I currently work in a Sixth Form College.

Clare Rees

Head of Media

Dedicated to the IB and international education, I'm also a fan of KS5 generally and English Literature in particular. I'm currently Head of Media, but have also been a Head of Drama.

John Field

Head of Department

I am reading fewer novels and more poetry these days. Recent favourites include Brian Turner's 'Phantom Noise' and Craig Raine's 'How Snow Falls.' I think I have a novel in me... but don't we all?

Liz Hillier

Teacher of English


I have been a secondary teacher of English and Media for over eight years. During this time, I have been a Head of Department, a Local Authority Advisor, a GCSE examiner for English Literature and a tutor.

Raymond Soltysek

Specialist in English


Located in Scotland. Qualified for 20-30 years. Specialist in English. Currently working as a Lecturer at University of Strathclyde since 2001.In 2010, he received a major Scottish Arts Council bursary to work on his first novel.

Beth Mitchell

KS4 Coordinator

After obtaining a BA in English Teaching and an MAT in the United States, I left home and moved to England. I’ve spent the last four years in English schools. As KS4 Coordinator I’m especially interested in teaching C/D pupils.

David James

Specialist in English


I oversee my school's MYP and Diploma programmes, and I also teach English. I have been a Head of English for five years, a GCSE English Language examiner, and an author of A level text books.

Pam Ben Mardhia

English Subject Adviser


After 15 years in English teaching, six as HOD, I now spend most of my working life as a Subject Adviser for one of the major awarding bodies for whom I'm also Principal Examiner in GCSE Literature.

Ruth Owen

Specialist in English

I teach A level English Literature, A level English Language and also A level English Language and Literature. I have been teaching for twenty-six years and have had various responsibilities.

Najoud Ensaff

Specialist in English

I have worked in education for over 15 years and I love my subject! I've been Head of English and Head of Drama, worked in state and independent schools and I'm currently working as Director of Studies for a small organisation.

Freya Odell

Specialist in English

I have been teaching for 9 years now. Quickly introduced GCSE Media Studies at my school before becoming shared HOD of English. I then went to teach in an International School in Italy before moving back to the UK.

Jack Howard

Head of Year

Head of Year but former Head of English; over 30 years experience. Specialisms - Learning Styles, Gifted and talented; Outside the box resources. Have taught every level in all types of schools.

Ray Weaver

Specialist in English


15 years as English teacher, HOD and advisory teacher of English. Interest in the use of ICT across the curriculum led to jobs as e-learning consultant and Manager of Widnes CLC. Involved in mobile learning.