TES FE Awards 2011 - Outstanding Estates Team

Outstanding Estates Team

This award recognises outstanding work within estates departments. It covers the year 2010-11 and is open to all further education providers in the UK. In your entry:

  • Outline your team's major achievements in property and facilities management over the past three academic years. Examples could include redevelopments, innovative new buildings or the successful adoption of a new estates strategy
  • How are you developing and encouraging sustainable solutions on and around your campus buildings?
  • How have you worked to reduce estates costs, and what savings have you delivered? For example, have you looked at sharing the management of your facilities with other educational establishments or outsourcing more work?
  • If you are basing your entry on a particular initiative or initiatives, explain how your team contributed to the outcomes
  • Explain how your team's work improves on standard practice in the sector