TES GCSE Music revision

A collection of GCSE music lesson plans and teaching resources , suitable or all abilities at KS4.There’s music theory, terms and vocabulary, plus listening guides, games and quizzes.

GCSE revision resources

GCSE music theory resources

Simple pocket guide to music theory needed for GCSE music exam. Short questions and examples.

GCSE music keyword revision quizz

A PowerPoint quiz with timed slides, using definitions of key words and essential vocab for GCSE music listening exams.

Your GCSE Listening test and you (AQA)

This guide has been put together to help with last minute revision for the AQA listening and appraising test.

More GCSE resources

Some more revision aids for GCSE pupils - summary of set works and style of music. To be used alongside other aids.

Edexcel set work revision charts

All the information on each set work on one page to help with revision.

Orchestral music - an introduction

Introduction to the four main periods of orchestral music, including information about how to tell the difference between them.

‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’- GCSE vocabulary

The questions are currently on key vocabulary, composers and listening skills - but template can be adapted.

Musical terms crossword

GCSE revision musical terms crossword.

Musical texture

Colourful guide to the different textures studied at GCSE and A level for the listening exam.

New Directions revision sheet

A ‘fill in the blanks’ worksheet - suitable for revision activity, cover work, etc.

Film music PowerPoint

Scheme of Work on one PowerPoint. Includes lots of different film composers, different games for starters and plenaries.

Classical music unit

Information sheets regarding the classical era.

GCSE key words

Short PowerPoint that prompts pupils into thinking of an appropriate question to suit the answer they are being shown on screen.

Music ground bass introduction

Introducing the different ways in which a ground bass can be manipulated and adapted. - A good resource for teaching ground bass structure to GCSE students.

Minimalism: the lowdown

A brief introduction to Minimalism - this has been used to give students a starting point for starting a minimalist composition.

Electronic music worksheet

Questions on electronic music relating to the Rhinegold Student’s Guide to GCSE Music (Edexcel), followed by one page of relevant terms, for students to write in the definition.

Successful GCSE Composition (Edexcel)

Guide for students on how their composition will be marked (mostly taken from current Edexcel specification).

AQA GCSE music crib sheet

A ‘fill in the gaps’ style worksheet for low ability GCSE students to use for Revision purposes.


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