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Secondary geography - Sustainable development teaching resources

These Secondary Geography resources have been shared by teachers on TES Resources and are reviewed and rated for quality, time-saving and inspiration.

This collection of resources for KS3 covers the topic of Sustainable development and includes themes such as recycling, fishing, water and energy. These resources can form the basis for discussion, serve as materials for projects and group work as well as individual investigations. There are also useful links to Citizenship topics.

A selection of these resources were shared by TES user ruthmumby who has shared 15 valuable Geography resources on the topic of sustainable development.

Wasteful world 1

  • This activity looks at how waste impacts on our lives and a case study of an African man who lives and works on a rubbish dump.

Wasteful world 2

  • Students deal with the issue of consumerism and the waste we can produce at Christmas and other times of year. It then looks at how issues of waste can have different impacts, depending on where you live.

Plastic phenomena 1

  • Looks at the journey of a flip-flop and how they are being used in Kiwayu Island by local women to create crafts to sell.

Plastic phenomena 2

  • This activity asks students to place themselves in a picture and then goes on to look at how a plastic bag is made and what happens to them once they are discarded.

Plastic phenomena 3

  • This lesson looks at the rubbish found on Lamu and the impact it can have on people. The students asked to role play to think about how the rubbish affects different people on Lamu.

Other resources

Sustainability: Social and economic choices

  • The lesson looks at our consumption choices and how they can have impacts on others around the world.

Focus on climate change scheme of work

  • Focus on Climate Change scheme of work suitable for Primary and KS3 pupils, with cross-curricular links and additional online material.

Biodiversity and its importance - A poster

  • Resources for a poster activity which explains biodiversity in the rainforest and why it is an important issue.

Sustainable travel curriculum resource - Key stage 3

  • Demonstrates how School Travel Plans and sustainable travel to school can be used as a topic to deliver the National Curriculum (England) in secondary school.

Water - a sustainable resource?

  • The three lessons in this resource are suitable for pupils in Years 7 and 8 and can be used in Geography, PSE and Citizenship lessons.

Sustainable development in Bolivia assembly

  • This assembly explores the issues of sustainable farming and how a little bit of help - and a worm or two - can make a huge difference to communities.

What are future geographical imaginations?

  • Students will learn to reflect critically on the quality of geographical information that they and others use to inform their views about recycling and sustainable development.

Where shall I live?

  • This lesson enables pupils to reflect on their own geographical thinking and values and to appreciate how and why different people hold different views about recycling.

Mountain kingdom of Lesotho - food lessons and games

  • These lessons and resources help teach about mountains and sustainability with a global dimension.

From sea to shelf - fisheries for the future

  • This video shows how Greenpeace has been encouraging retailers to clean up their seafood shelves - by switching to a sustainable seafood sourcing policy they can change the world’s fisheries and help to protect the world’s oceans.

Global images

  • Eight sets of images in topic areas: renewable energy, climate change, transport, costume, recycling, plants, farming, water and sanitation.

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