TES Hall of Fame

We say thank you to some of our top contributors

We’d like to take a little time to say thank you to the five uploaders who have shared the most resources over the last month for you to use in the classroom. Featured top contributors will receive a £25 book token.

September's top contributors


User: Cjhinchliffe
Resources shared: 102
Views: 3,227

Country/town I teach in: Huddersfield

Why I like to share:
I have found TES very useful for a number of years. Finally my husband retired and said he was prepared to get my ideas onto your site in his spare time. At last I am able to give something back, thank you.

User: Paulstafford
Resources shared: 66
Views: 13,583

Country/town I teach in: Sunderland

My favourite thing about TES Resources:
When looking at new topics or breathing fresh life into an old topic, it's a good way to avoid re-inventing the wheel and to see how others have approached the same topics

Why I like to share:
I like to reciprocally share with my team and as I often find help from the TES resources it is only fair to share mine.

User: karaouilaid
Resources shared: 59
Views: 60,916

Country/town I teach in: Singapore

My favourite thing about TES Resources:
First of all, I have found this amazing website by coincidence while searching for resources on Google. I never thought that such sharing websites existed on the net for free. I was asked to sign up so I could download the resources I was looking for and, after exploring the website for some time, I learnt that it was possible to upload other resources and share them with others.

Why I like to share:
I believe there is a value in sharing. I am a total believer in open sourcing and I love to share my resources with my community - whether it is useful information or useful resources as long as it is relevant. I enjoy reading comments and receiving messages from teachers thanking me for sharing my resources. There is nothing better than making others’ lives easier. In the end, it is for the benefit of all.

User: alutwyche
Resources shared: 54
Views: 173,135

Country/town I teach in: Worthing High School, West Sussex

My favourite thing about TES Resources:
The site has saved me on numerous occasions - when stuck for an idea the first place I go is to TES Resources to use someone else's great idea. The site is responsible for so many great activities and it will continue to be so because it's free and subscribed to by so many talented people.

Why I like to share:
I am doing the sheets/activities anyway; if other people find them useful and engaging then that's great, I've saved someone a lot of time and energy.

User: Cherrytin
Resources shared: 51
Views: 3,758

Country/town I teach in: Doha, Qatar

My favourite thing about TES Resources:
There are so many different types of resources available that you can adapt.

Why I like to share:
I have created so many resources throughout my teaching career and I hope that by sharing them I will save other people time.