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Whilst there are many ways to teach grammar and many opinions about how best to teach it, the vast majority of languages teachers believe that students need a knowledge of structure if they are to make good progress and be able to say/write what they want to in the language they are learning. With that in mind, this collection of teacher resources focuses on grammar teaching and grammar practice. Often the most time-consuming of resources to create, I hope this collection will give teachers inspiration and save them time!

French - Grammar


  • An excellent set of resources to practise prepositions of place in French. It includes a differentiated activity and very effective visuals.

Je vais and Je voudrais revision

  • A very clear, effective lesson to revise using Je vais and Je voudrais + infinitive to express future ideas.

Using 2 verbs in French

  • An effective sheet for practising sentence-building with 2verbs – present tense + infinitive.

Perfect Tense with avoir

  • PPT to introduce the perfect tense and lots of activities to practise.

Three tenses

  • Some very good resources for developing confident recognition of past, present and future tenses.

Multi-choice grammar test

  • A very useful worksheet for checking if learners can recognise the 3 main time frames.

Past tense and making answers longer

  • This would be excellent revision for KS4 too. It’s easy to stop focusing on the articles during KS3 when you’re meeting lots of new tenses and this can lead to lots of errors at KS4 with articles.

2-tense construction kit

  • An original take on grammar instructions – this resource is written like instructions to a piece of flatpack furniture from IKEA – it will definitely appeal to some students (and teachers!)

Future Tense Powerpoint for French

  • An excellent PPT to present or revise the Futur Simple

Spice up your writing and speaking

  • A very well-designed 2-sided A4 sheet to help students to improve the quality of their written work and prepared speaking.


  • Extremely valuable resource – a set of revision grammar notes on lots of different aspects.

AS grammar gap fill sheets

  • An excellent resource! Organised by AS theme, each sheet tests several grammar points.

Pronoms relatifs

  • Clear modelling and explanations

German - Grammar

Subject pronoun practice

  • Very clear sheet to consolidate understanding of subject pronouns.

Dual Case Prepositions Game

  • Simple but very effective game to practise using prepositions that take either the accusative or dative cases.


  • Self-marking excel activity for definite articles (nominative and accusative)

Battleships – Future Tense

  • A popular game – this one practises the future tense.

Verbs and tenses – verb mat

  • This is an excellent resource for practising tenses – able KS3 and KS4 students will get a lot from this.

Simple Past Tense in German

  • This is a very clear, simple PPT


  • Very inventive way to practise tense recognition – students have to unmuddle 2 different stories, one in present and one in the past tense. There are 2 x different tasks.

Adjective endings notes

  • A one page poster with an adjective endings flow chart – some learners will love this!

Adjective endings worksheet

  • Gap fill task on adjective endings.


  • A useful PowerPoint and a lovely activity completing advertising slogans with the correct adjective ending.

Adjective endings worksheets

  • 2 super clear worksheets for practising adjective endings.

Relative pronouns

  • 4 very useful worksheets to develop understanding of relative pronouns.

Practice with the passive

  • Simple worksheet for practising passive constructions.


  • Practising the superlative with an informative text that could be exploited further too.

The subjunctive and wenn

  • Clearly presented sheet modelling the imperfect and pluperfect subjunctive.

Cases in German

  • Excellent PPT resources focusing on cases.


  • This is an excellent introduction to the passive

Review of AS tenses for German

  • Very nice activity to consolidate a lot of tenses.

German Irregular verbs in families

  • German verbs grouped by patterns of vowel changes. Very clearly laid out and suitable for KS5 classes.

Spanish - Grammar

Mnemonics for remembering uses of Ser and Estar

  • This is always a tricky area for Spanish learners and it’s good to have a variety of ways to approach it. One of them is sure to help make the different use of these 2 verbs clear, and this might be it!

AR Verbs Spanish

  • A very useful set of Pdf worksheets for practising AR verbs

El saco magico present irregular yo form

  • IWB activity to practise irregular present tense verbs in 1st person.

El presente

  • Revision activities with the present tense.

Comida y adjetivos

  • Excellent Powerpoint plus 3 activities to practise adjective endings with food

Preterit starter – reveal the answers

  • IWB activity to practise preterít verbs.

Y7 Grammar Revision

  • Super resource for consolidating Y7 grammar

Grammar revision aid for GCSE Y11

  • Extremely useful guide to students and can be used to good effect for peer assessment purposes.

Preterito – Ya no se que hacer conmigo

  • Revision activity for the preterit using a really lively song by Cuarteto de Nos.

Simple uses of the subjunctive

  • More able GCSE students are encouraged to include some limited use of the subjunctive mood in their speaking and writing. This sheet offers some examples.

Verbs – reading test revision

  • An excellent resource including a PPT with 50 verbs,, with sentence-level examples of their use in different contexts and an accompanying worksheet. Really thoughtfully and painstakingly put together!

Verb table

  • One A4 side with super clear layout of all the major tenses.

El imperfect del subjuntivo

  • An excellent PPT resource. Use of the imperfect subjunctive is contextualised in relevant AS themes that make its meaning and purpose very clear, and this is followed up by some practice activities.

El subjuntivo basico

  • A very clear sheet with examples of when the subjunctive is required and a 2-page set of exercises to practise.


  • A perennial area of difficulty for Spanish learners, this sheet is very clear and includes many examples of adjectives that take SER and ESTAR yet carry different meanings.

Expresar opiniones

  • An excellent sheet of opinion structures to extend learners from GCSE to A Level when giving their opinions.

Los Pronombres

  • Clear explanation and examples of direct and indirect object pronouns in Spanish.

Mobile phones and the imperative

  • A very effective imperative lesson using the theme of mobile phone use.

ALevel Spanish Grammar Tests

  • A set of excellent grammar tests (with teacher answer booklet too!)

Cuaderno de gramática

  • A very thorough grammar booklet covering tenses, both rules for formation and usage, as well as practice tasks.

Los tiempos perfectos e indicativos

  • A useful guide to the formation and use of the various perfect tenses in Spanish


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