TES Languages Week: Curriculum live chat

TES Languages Week: Live chat –

5 June, 7pm

Why tune in?

TES Connect’s languages advisor Rachel Hawkes looks forward to responding to questions and discussing the plans, concerns and priorities languages teachers have as they gear up to implement the new curriculum in 2014.

She says: “While there is much in the new PoS that (to me, at least) feels like ‘business as usual’, there is an emphasis on a few elements that have not received much attention in previous incarnations of the national curriculum in MFL. “As we gear up to address these in our planning for teaching and learning at KS2 and KS3 from September 2014, there is lots to discuss and lots to share. It would be great to get questions, thoughts and ideas from teachers who are just beginning to think about these issues in their departments, as well as those who have been puzzling over them for some while.”

Please join in the discussion, and post your questions and/or comments here.


About our guest:

Rachel is a passionate teacher and advocate of language learning; she is an assistant principal and has shared more than 1,200 resources on TES Connect.

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