TES links 11 November 2011

TES 11 November 2011

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Global Entrepreneurship Week

14 – 20 November

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What else?

  • There's more to business pitches than Dragon's Den, but what are entrepreneurs all about? Try robsonbusiness and dazzan74's resources to get your pupils started with this topic.
  • To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (14 – 20 November) why not take part in the School Enterprise Video Challenge – the deadline for entries is 20th November. For more details visit the forums and www.gew.org.uk

Universal Children's Day

November 20 - Scientists who changed the world

Give them a voice

  • Follow this link to hear children from around the world, in one minute videos, giving their wish list for the future.

Victorian children - Hard times

  • The Victorians introduced Reformatory Schools for those under the age of 16. Follow this link for lesson plans on Crime and Punishment.

When in doubt - Scare them

  • If you think many of today's children in Britain have it too easy, put the fear of God into them with cautionary tales from Hilaire Belloc.

Tricks and treats

  • The Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood in east London houses the UK's national collection of childhood-related artefacts and toys - Learn more by following this link



Recommended : Craig's Collections

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Primary Maths – resource of the week "Maths with Smarties"

Craig's Web Whizz of the week

  • Wolfram Alpha Resource Author: MrBartonMaths
    In a new series of videos on TES, Craig Barton takes teachers on a weekly tour around a different maths website and offer tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of it. In this video he demonstrates the Wolfram Alpha mathematical search engine. Watch Craig's video, try the site for yourself and don't forget to tell teachers what you think.

    How can it be used? The website can be used similarly to Google but it can also handle very high level maths such as a calculus and logic as well as histories, statistics and definitions. It shows the steps required to solve problems, creating graphs as you go. Enter in coordinates, properties, solve equations and even create PDFs of the materials and print them out as worksheets for your students.
  • See all Craig's Web Whizz videos on TES and share your feedback

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Winning Words – Olympian poetry

  • Winning Words is an interactive online poetry game for Primary and Secondary Schools, offering an innovative approach to teaching poetry in the classroom, with an Olympic twist.

What else?

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Resource of the week – The History of the English Language

A Webquest


I'm a scientist – the film


  • Scientists help keep our water clean, treat diseases, communicate with the rest of the world and improve the quality of our lives. Investigate their work with a resource from Global Dimension

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The Big Bang Fair & STEM


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  • Is the science curriculum serving the needs of future scientists? Have your say

Resource of the week (Primary) Food chains

  • The food chains collection on TES can give you some tips for inspirational lessons on the web of life, ideas for practicals, homework sheets and diagrams for key terms


Design and technology



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Music - Higgledy Piggledy Jazz

What else?

  • Bex333 has an innovative approach to assemblies – try using the music of Glenn Miller
  • And for an arty investigation, try ooee4's Kandinsky Powerpoint full of simple facts about his paintings and jazz, suitable for year 1

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Media & ICT - Piracy competition

  • BeCreative gives young people the opportunity to create an original media campaign to raise awareness amongst their peers about how copyright pirates are devastating the industry. For more information

What else?

  • Try alyspen's media studies resources covering genres of film and topics like censorship and marketing
  • What are your pupils views on music piracy? Hold a class debate on the topic using resources from rubberchicken2

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History / Geography

What else?

  • English Heritage have shared a useful guide on how to use Roman sites to find out how we used to live – a good starting point for a class investigation
  • Or try a resource from National Archives to illustrate what life was like for children in Victorian Britain

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Secondary History: Age of Empires

Geography - whatever the weather

Modern Foreign Languages

Promoting creativity in the MFL classroom


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Resource of the week – Primary & Secondary

Contributor spotlight – Rosaespanola

  • Rosaespanola is an expert languages teacher who has shared over 700 resources with the teaching community on TES, for Secondary French, Spanish and German.
    To date her activities, worksheets and presentations have been viewed over 300,000 times and are getting rave reviews from languages teachers throughout the UK and around the world.

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