TES links 16 December 2011

TES 16 December 2011

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For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.


20 - 28 December

For fun Hanukah classroom activities

12 Games for Christmas - Free for TES members


My Dream lesson

What else?

  • Introducing timetables - Craig Barton's students may have budgeted well, but what if they couldn't understand timetables? Tomwatt20's PowerPoint game introduces this topic.
  • Money sense for schools - NatWest's "Money Sense for Schools" is a free resource for developing budgets and understanding finance.
  • Money and time Try CIMT's"Money and Time" resource collection for worksheets, lesson plans and activities covering travel, currency, time zones and timetables

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Scientific questions

What else?


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Victorian times

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What else?

Modern Foreign Languages


What else?

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Dreaming of a personalised future…..

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  • You can't leave year 6 on a desert island for 2 weeks, but try Teacher's TV 'On Location' resources for lesson ideas on orienteering, map skills in your local area.



  • Leading a small community on a desert island is one thing, but what about leading a global religion? Explore the challenges faced by the Pope in CAFOD'S Pope for a day resource pack.

Find fun and games and seasonal assemblies in the TES Christmas collection