TES links 18 November 2011

TES 18 November 2011

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.

National Tree Week

November 26 - December 4

  • Visit the Tree Council to learn how you and your students can take part in National Tree Week

Robin Hood's Sherwood forest

  • Born Robin Fitzooth, son of the Earl of Huntingdon, Robin took the name Robin Hood and escaped to Sherwood Forest to escape the treachery of Prince John and his greedy Norman landowners. Follow the link to learn more

Lord of the Rings - Fangorn forest

  • J.R.Tolkien is said to have drawn inspiration from the forests of Oxfordshire for his epic series about the Hobbits and the potential destruction of Middle Earth. Check out a resource from Bakari to learn how to protect our trees

Magic oak opened doors to Narnia

  • Like Tolkien, author of the Narnia series C.S.Lewis was inspired by the beauty of 'our green and pleasant land.' Follow this link to learn about tree planting

The Whomping Willow

  • In Harry Potter's world the whomping willow is a very valuable plant. Teach young children how to protect the rain forests with a resource from morddel.

Most famous Christmas tree in Britian

  • Each year, a giant Christmas tree is erected in Trafalgar Square – a Norwegian spruce - courtesy of the people of Oslo. Learn more about taking part in National Tree Week from the Tree Council

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Maths -


  • Visit the Nrich profile on TES to try out their resources

See what the TES Community have to say

  • Can you help a teacher solve an equation? Visit the forums to give your hints and suggestions
  • For younger pupils, why not try acting out maths problems to bring them to life? Read what teachers think of this approach

Craig Barton's Secondary Resource of the week

See what the TES Community have to say

  • Trumped? One teacher has been asked to teach maths, but doesn't have a maths A Level – read advice from teachers and share yours
  • See all Craig's Web Whizz videos on TES and share your feedback

Primary Maths - Masterclasses

  • Royal Institution Primary Mathematics Masterclasses - if you would like to learn more about existing provision of masterclasses in your area and/or help organise a series, please get in touch with the Ri mathematics team
    The Ri website also has links containing resources for planning and delivering rich tasks in the classroom, created from masterclasses.
  • Share your ideas for a maths masterclass for gifted and talented pupils


Write out loud

Hold up the magic lantern at a conference for teachers & new Dickens exhibition

  • The conference offers Dickens-enthusiasts the chance to join panel discussions, plenary sessions and discounted entry to the exhibitions and workshops at the Museum of London, all for £75.
    The closing date for booking is 28th November so download a booking form and register today
  • To find out more about the exhibition visit The Museum of London
  • For more info on Dickens 2012
  • Or find out more about the Dickens exhibition here

What else?

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Primary Resource of the week

  • Phonics - Phase 5 Alternative Spellings New from TESiboard is a useful collection crammed with spelling exercises and activities. Covering all of the alternative spellings for phonemes in Letters and Sounds phase 5, each activity focuses on one phoneme and asks pupils to spot and re-type the phonetically-spelt words with the correct alternative spellings

What else?


Why the BTEC Should Survive

  • Cmmarshall113 has shared helpful resources for getting started with BTEC First certificate or Applied Science – they're getting great feedback too
  • If you or your colleagues are dealing with BTEC for the first time, try adkeele's introduction on Powerpoint
  • Maximise the benefits of the BTEC qualification without getting bogged down in record keeping, assessments and record keeping – try Glen Gilchrist's workbook

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Secondary Science Resources of the week

Allison's recommended resources


  • Year 10 students in Kent have the opportunity to get involved in the RSC's Chemistry Challenge or you can contact @AmandaChemist via Twitter.
  • Young people, teachers and parents can now register for the chance to win a lesson with Brian Cox in The Big Bang Lesson: Take 2 Entry closes on Monday 5 December 2011

Primary Science – In the line of enquiry


How can Music support the EBac?

What else?

  • The Renaissance was a period of enormous cultural change and music is no exception. Try randomoboeplayer's listening unit for an investigation
  • Watch a video on World Music from Teachers TV, filmed at the Brit School
  • Visit the TES Collection on World Music a collection of resources shared by teachers

Primary ICT

Knock, knock, creative calling!

  • TES ICT has just launched another Creative ICT challenge for primary and secondary to inspire budding animators and programmers (and their teachers) to create stimulating interactive resources

Secondary D & T resource of the week

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A resource a day helps you inspire and engage every day. Find a topical resource for every day of the week.

Previous TES links

Featured links from previous editions

TES Resources London

Learn, explore, network at TES Resources London 9th and 10th December


History / Geography

Geography - No Posters Please!

  • Try tinkerkat's litter assembly to get pupils thinking about litter in their community and school
  • With older pupils why not try some on-site fieldwork to investigate the environmental quality of the school grounds? Lrabbetts has shared material to help you get started

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Secondary History: Resource of the week

See what the TES Community have to say

  • One teacher looks for tips on making A level lessons engaging and interesting for pupils – what would you advise?

In the spotlight – FACE

Modern Foreign Languages

Intercultural Understanding


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Primary French – Familiar Stories

What else?

  • Try a useful assessment sheet from teach79 to level pupil performance against attainment targets for any modern foreign language – it's getting positive feedback from the community

Current Music from Germany

  • You and your pupils can get a subscription to Popcast for free from the Goethe-Institut.

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