TES links 2 December 2011

TES 2 December 2011

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For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.

International Mountain Day

11 December

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What else?

Painting Canada -

Resources for learning about mountains

KS1 What is a mountain? - A Widgit resource useful for young pupils and SEN classes, shared by Widgit_Software

KS2 Our World scheme of work - A scheme based on Geography units on Mountains, rivers and water, with cross-curricular links shared by elmsdale1

KS3 Mount Everest glacial retreat - Watch a report on the glacial retreat in the Himalayas from Greenpeace, in a video from Green TV

KS4 Plate tectonics - Explore plate tectonics and other phenomena with a scientific twist

Maths -

Negative thinking

Check out these resources and collections on TES which may help tackle the problem:

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Secondary Resource of the week

Mr Barton's Autograph Video Collections

Primary Maths - New resource

Symmetry and Area Invaders

  • TESiboard has come up with a winning resource that combines setting areas and creating symmetrical patterns with the rewards of an arcade-style game.

St Nicholas' Day -

6 December

The facts - Learn how French schools celebrate the day with special songs

The legends - Read more with a resource from RogerHurn

Does he rest in peace? - Learn about German celebrations in a resource from Frenchgerman

Where does Santa Claus live now? - Use this letter from Emmalou1989 'from Santa' with children who have written to him.

TES Resources London

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Playing Shakespeare

What else?

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  • Ideas for activities based around the Globe Theatre from the English forum

Primary - Museum of Childhood

Primary and Secondary Exhibition

  • Magic Worlds - Staged at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, and running till 4 March next year,

Primary English – Resource of the Week

What else?

  • For more fantasy and literacy resources from TESiboard visit the collection
  • Shellp_1984 has shared a wealth of topic planning for castles, knights and dragons – it's saving teachers lots of time.


Going out with a bang

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Primary Science

Love creepy-crawlies? Join the club!

Secondary chemistry - Resource of the Week

12 Games for Christmas - Free for TES members


Engage the disengaged

  • Kagan's articles for the topic of cooperative learning
  • What could you do later in life with music? Try a resource from holly Harrison to engage pupils.

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Primary Film, arts and media

Design Technology Resource Review – Spencer Herbert

Modern Foreign Languages

German? – Ja, bitte

Recommended by Kirsten Herbst-Gray

Recommended by Rachel Hawkes

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Primary resources of the week

Languages are all fun and (adaptable) games

Previous TES links

Featured links from previous editions


The great outdoors

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Recommended resources

Geography – Primary resource of the week

Secondary History

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