TES links 21 October 2011

TES 21 October 2011

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.


All Hallows' Eve/Day 31 October-1 November

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The Festival of Lights…October 26

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You must remember this

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  • Try some of Jonny Griffith's own RISPS resources which are a big hit with maths teachers on TES and highly recommended by AST Craig Barton

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How Maths Killed the Shakespeare Conspiracy…

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  • What is proof? Try Ilenart's interactive lesson plan to illustrate the concept of proof, not by well-known mathematical methods, but via an example in Shakespeare's Othello


Blog-based fun to boost literacy

  • Dan Roberts is Deputy Headteacher at Saltash.netCommunitySchool you can follow him on twitter @chickensaltash or by reading his blog why did the chickenman cross the road?


  • If you would like to take part and use the scheme of work, visit TES Resources to download it and add your feedback.

What else?

What else?

  • Try Alice K's adaptable Pied Piper Narrative Powerpoint resource on TES as a stimulus for a narrative account or comprehension. It's suitable for supporting pupils with specific learning needs too.

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AQA GCSE Poetry: Moon on the tides

  • Try these poetry booklets with your poetic prodigies and tell us what you think.
  • TES English have collections for literature, drama, assessment and more available from the website.


Empire of the senses

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  • Try a Hamilton Trust lesson plan for an exploration into how people use their senses when deprived of sight or hearing, suitable for year 1 pupils.
  • Ericag's 'five little senses' poems are a huge hit with teachers and have been viewed nearly 50,000 times. Try them out for yourself and tell us what you think.
  • Scientific enquiry can pique the interest of inquisitive minds. For more ideas try the the Living Things collection for primary science from Teachers TV

The Isis Education Centre

  • The Isis Education Centre at the LookOut, Hyde Park has been available for schools to book from the beginning of this month For all education enquiries: or call 0207 086 8057. Or visit the LookOut.


ICT - Wasted whiteboards


  • Visit David Phillips TES profile to see his classroom resources and to leave some feedback

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  • Teachers discuss their own whiteboard issues and share advice and ideas – why not join these discussions and share yours?

Music - We will rock you

  • A series of course handbooks has been produced by RGT to help students prepare for the exams.
  • Electric guitars aren't the only way to explore rock music – try a scheme of work for a rock and roll dance routine shared by laurencasoria - a big hit with teachers.
  • Or for work on contemporary artists, Caroline Firman has shared a short starter activity based on the music of Jeff Buckley.

DIY for primary kids…

  • DIY lessons from JobsDone in conjunction with B&Q
  • DIY Classes for 7-11 year olds also take place at 15 B&Q stores. Visit herefor further details.

What else?

  • The National Schools Partnership has shared over 100 resources for cross-curricular lessons on citizenship, PSHE, D&T and more. Visit their profile on TES to try more of their resources and leave feedback.
  • Watch a Teachers TV video on DIY decorating for creative and cost-saving ideas to try with your class.

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Acting on your beliefs

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  • Jessiejump has shared a resource which can be used to discuss superstitions in the context of belief and faith.


  • In the spotlight: Eco-schools
  • Eco-weeks are often held in schools throughout the summer, but they can be held at any time. Visit the TES resources calendar for ideas on events you can host at your school.
  • Mkunzer has also shared their list of ideas for a whole school eco-week and they're proving popular with teachers too

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Modern Foreign Languages

Lifeline for languages

  • Andy Holland has shared a wealth of material on TES - visit his profile for some inspiration for your language lessons.
  • The BDA (British Dyslexia Association) has shared a resource designed to help dyslexic students get the most out of learning a foreign language.

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  • Michael Gove champions languages in primary – read the forums to see what teachers have to say.

Primary resources

Secondary Languages

What are teachers saying?

  • On ChilePhilly's 'Moving on in Powerpoint' resource: "Merci beaucoup! Just what I needed!!!! Great and easy to follow."
    "Awesome. Thank you. This will be excellent for one member of my department who doesn't have IWB."
  • On rhawkes's 'Plenary template'"This is a great time saver! I can use it for lots of activities in any subject. Very clear for my pupils, all of whom have learning difficulties. Thanks for sharing it."

Visit the collection and try these resources for yourself.