TES links 23 September 2011

TES 23 September 2011

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Top Black History Resources
for each Key Stage

KS1 - Mandela's mission This highly rated Powerpoint story of Nelson Mandela comes as part of a lesson on famous people.

KS2 - History unchained This role play on the abolition of the slave trade is an engaging and informative exercise for young pupils.

KS3 - Back to black Start off Black History Month by finding out what your pupils know, using this fun quiz

KS4 - The rights stuff A powerful PowerPoint presentation of black American civil rights history in the 20th Century

KS5 - Who said that? Inspiring Black History Quotes which can form the starting point for insightful enquiry and debate


A cross to bear by Craig Barton

Craig Barton is Maths adviser to TES, Maths AST and creator of www.mrbartonmaths.com (TES Name:mrbartonmaths)

Twitter: @mrbartonmaths

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Check out murkle's Randomised test yourself questions for algebra and see how your pupils tackle self-testing, available on TES Resources.

Resource of the week

Maths Exhibition

Secondary Science

Be difficult

Controversial science resources & forum links

Resource of the week

See what the TES Community have to say:

Check out the TES forums for discussions on using conspiracy theories and creationism in science lessons and teachers share some of their favourite common pupil misconceptions in science


Music – Creative Budgeting

See what the TES Community have to say:

How to creatively and effectively resource cash-strapped music departments

D & T Partner Focus / Jan Harper

Jan Harper is a recently retired Design & Technology teacher and the latest content partner with TES Resources.

Top resources from Jan Harper

Mark Clarkson review – Ideas to Inspire

Previous TES links

Featured links from previous editions


Discover the neighbours

Check out theTES Resources local study collection

See what the TES Community have to say:

Resource of the week

English Heritage Partner Focus

Modern Foreign Languages

Why dead classics should live?

A Classical education? Yes please! by Rebecca Cann. Head of Classics at Bradfield College, a co-education boarding school for 13-18-year-olds. She is now Head of Classics at the West London Free School.

See what the TES Community have to say:

Teacher's debate: Does it make sense to do a Classics MA – will there be any jobs teaching the classics?

There is also advice on the best way to refresh your rusty Latin skills.


Resource of the week