TES links 25 November 2011

TES 25 November 2011

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World Aids Day

1 December

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What else?

Resources for KS1 – 5 for covering topics in citizenship, PSHE, whole school and science.

KS1 World Aids Day Assembly shared by foxedup80

  • A five-minute assembly to help inform and educate pupils about the day

KS2 HIV: Kishe's Story shared by Hamilton Trust

  • Children read a story about a young orphan called Kishe and reflect on the impact of HIV across generations

KS3 How diseases can spread shared by Claire-bear 88

  • Biology lesson on diseases, including starters, main activities and links to video clips

KS4 A Cry in the darkness shared by The Salvation Army

  • A resource pack on the topics of HIV and Aids, including assembly and lesson ideas

KS5 / Post 16 Alcohol, drugs, health and sex education shared by axis-education

  • Worksheets to help pupils make informed decisions about sex education, smoking and drugs

Maths -

How a blog can help students learn their times table

Gerald recommends

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Secondary Resource of the week

This week Craig Barton, TES Maths adviser and AST, recommends TES user ChuckieIrish's collection of Tarsia Maths resources.

Primary Maths - New resources

12 Games of Christmas from TES Topics

  • TES Topics are launching an exclusive free Christmas gift for primary teachers. To download these and the rest of the 12 Games of Christmas visit www.topics.tes.co.uk and enter TESXmas11 in the voucher code.

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

December 2

The Roman Revolutionary Spartacus (109-71 BC)

  • Try a resource by TLChelen on the fictional diary of a Roman slave girl.

Famous for his Fables Aesop (620-560BC)

  • Read more about fables in a resource from island651

The Christian Saint St Patrick (c387-493AD)

  • Learn more about St Patrick in a resource from mcraven

The Russian General Abram Petrovich Ganibal (1696-1781)

  • Try a quick introduction to slavery past and present from TES Web Staff

5. The Barber of Natchez William Johnson (1909-1851)

  • A resource from QCDA helps students debate what it means to be free.

TES Resources London

Learn, explore, network at TES Resources London 9th and 10th December


Pupil Assessment – or Teacher Testing


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  • For conversations on the pros and cons of different models of assessment check out our Assessment forum

Secondary Resource of the week

by Adam Webster

Primary English – Writing Competition for Children

  • Inkhead are a group of writers who believe that you are never too young to start writing and they are running a short story competition for writers ages 7 – 16, until 12 April 2012. The challenge is to write a short story of no more than 1,000 words.



Simon Porter is a science teacher at the British School in Warsaw - Try Simon's tips and resources

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Science – rewarding homework

Primary Science Resource of the week

Allison's recommended resources

  • Science Investigation Cards Uploaded by jlo (presumably not the R&B diva), these are cards for complete primary science lessons, split into three age groups and crossing all strands. The cards include objectives, resources needed, key questions and recording opportunities.

Secondary Biology - The Science of Competition

  • Year 10 students in Kent have the opportunity to get involved in the The Society of Biology has two competitions for your students this winter.


Doing it on the cheap

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  • Teachers compare the size of their ICT budgets and how they spend them

Primary Art and Design

Secondary Music - In the spotlight…

Music in the movies

Modern Foreign Languages


Recommended by Isabelle Jones

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Secondary Languages - Resources for revision

  • The GCSEPod, developed by Ian Thompson and Anthony Coxon, enables 14-16-year-olds to learn or revise whatever they choose – even if they're on the move
  • In another thread, teachers compare their most effective GCSE activities

Primary games for team work

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History / Geography

History - video

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Cross-curricular lesson idea: History & Geography

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