TES links 28 October 2011

TES 28 October 2011

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Guy Fawkes

Plots and conspiracies - November 5

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  • Teachers share ideas for fun Guy Fawkes lessons to suit young pupils.

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  • TES topics have just launched brand new Guy Fawkes & Fireworks interactive teaching packs for primary, try samples and purchase from www.tes.co.uk/tes-topics

Dyslexia Awareness Week

October 31 - November 6

  • Only a few years ago those suffering silently at school with what we now know as Dyslexia were branded 'stupid.' But it's a burden shared by many famous figures. Read more at Dyslexia Action, the UK's largest dyslexia charity.
  • Learn about helping dyslexics with memory in a resource shared by julsgate
  • Follow prompt cards byJMM3 to help improve reading.
  • Follow this link to learn more about Hank Zipzer.
  • Read about Cruise, and dyslexia at Being Dyslexic UK.
  • Famous British Dyslexics - Read about teaching children with dyslexia in a resource shared by ttrb


Making maths sexy

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  • Visit Jonny Griffith's own TES profile to find out more about his teaching techniques

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TESiboard interactive resources

  • Interactive resources created by TESiboard are easy to use and enormously popular. See for yourself

Craig's Resource of the week

  • Tarsia – Given one answer, find the other... Resource Author: mrbartonmaths
    The use of Tarsia software in mathematics lessons first came to light when an example was included in the ever-popular Standards Units a few years ago. Since then its popularity has continued to grow. The main reason that Tarsia resources are so popular is their versatility – the user can very quickly create jigsaws, dominoes, matching games and follow-me cards for virtually any topic for any age of student, from primary school right up to high-flying Year 13 Further Mathematicians. This particular resource was created and donated to my website by Gill Hillitt.


Texts and their effects

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  • Do you have any clever ideas to help pupils understand imagery? Share them online in the English forums on TES
  • Test your textual prowess and join the long-running literary texts game on the English forums – it's been going since 2005!

Nightmare High: New game from Channel 4 Education

  • Nightmare High is the latest in a series of PSHE-focused on-line games and social network apps and resources

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AccessArt "Share-a-Story & Inspire an Artist" Competition


In pupils' own words

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  • Visit the TES Science forums for discussions around exam topics, levels, observation and experiment ideas.


  • Try Kirsty's acid rain storyboard for yourself and discover the benefits of independent learning.
  • For another independent learning activity, try pand's resource on acids, alkalis and salts which pupils can use alone or in groups to work through a topic

Houston, we have a solution!

What else?

Resource of the week by Dr Richard Spencer

  • "Jeopardy" Revision/Review Game - An educational quiz template based on "Jeopardy"- a quiz show with a twist: contestants are provided with the answers. But what are the right questions?


Music. And on a brighter note

Next BRIT Thing

  • Opportunities like this don't come along every day: a chance for students to upload video and audio of their music performances, share this with other young people across the county, leave comments and vote on their favourites, as well as receive input from on-line resources. This is The Next BRIT Thing


Creative ICT Challenge

  • See all the winning entries.The next round of the competition will be launched on 1 November 2011 and entries will be accepted until 10 Feb 2012– so keep an eye on TES for more info!
  • See Amy's blog
  • Visit Daniel's Science website

Modern Foreign Languages

  • Try bangortes's resource 'à la télé' to introduce vocabulary for TV programmes and how to give opinions. It is recommended for use with behavioural and learning difficulties and a big hit with teachers on TES.
  • Primary German Collection – Activities, songs, puzzles and quizzes - This is a collection of teaching resources, games and activities to help you embed those first German gems in young minds and get them excited about the language and culture.

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  • One teacher seeks advice on how to incorporate their LSA into language lessons, while another qualified secondary MFL teacher wonders if there is a demand for their skills at primary.

Risk assessment: Class trips? Faites attention!


History, Religious education and Geography

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Primary RE Collection

  • Christianity In our multi-faith society, it's important for young pupils to have an understanding of different faiths and customs. Teachers have shared resources on TES which can save primary teachers time and help develop their pupils' awareness. They can also generate engaging discussion. This collection of resources focuses on Christianity.


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