TES links 30 September 2011

TES 30 September 2011

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For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.

Poetry and space resources for each Key Stage

KS1 - An enormous collection of space related videos which has been highly favourably rated by those who've accessed it.

KS2 - A great way to explain the space race to primary school students.

KS3 - This one is really suitable for the whole school. An imaginative and powerful poem on the Moon Landings. . 'How did it feel Neil?'

KS4 - Get your students talking – a debate with the motion being 'man not machines should explore space.'

KS5 and beyond 16 - Discover the evolution of stars – and what happens at each stage in their life.


....and shops By Dave Gale

Related resources

The My Money Citizenship Teacher Handbook from PFEG is designed for teaching pupils the importance of personal finance.

Functional Maths – Everyday Maths from Axis-education is a popular resource for students to practice their skills in familiar situations

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Read this advice from maths teachers on the easiest way to work out percentages , or try this post about how to work out percentages without resorting to a calculator.

Maths and engineering

Maths resource of the week from Craig Barton


Grand Slam Poetry Day

Michael Rosen – review

  • Find out more about the poet Michael Rosen and his work on TES Resources.

Science Experiments

For Primary

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What else?

Resources of the week


Unlocking creativity in D&T

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Scratch the surface of gaming & learning…

  • Check out the work that has been done by Dawn Hallybone using Mario Kart and by Ollie Bray use of Guitar Hero to show how we can take commercial games and harness their potential learning opportunities.

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Technological trivia

Previous TES links

Featured links from previous editions


Local & Family History

What was it like to live here in the past? Check out a resource from jucoop to help with an investigation.

Modern Foreign Languages

The Real Venice Exhibition

For more information visit Venice in Peril


Primary MFL & online books