TES links 7 October 2011

TES 7 October 2011

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International Day for Disaster Reduction

'No town can be disaster proofed – so how do we make buildings and people more resilient?'

Resources for covering natural disasters with primary pupils

Benvanloo's five simple science experiments to demonstrate how natural disasters are caused.

Kaza2cov's key steps challenge on natural disasters.

Christian Aid Global recession.Visit their profile

Resources from the British Red Cross visit their profile


Why I love Power Points. Secondary/Primary. Craig Barton

See what the TES Community have to say

Teachers chat about the best Powerpoint backgrounds for display on interactive whiteboards

Maths resources of the week


Secondary Grammar. Geoff Bartony

Grammar resources

TES English have a handy resource full of starters on spelling, punctuation and grammar – try it with your pupils

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  • TES English have loads of Shakespeare materials on offer – they're professionally produced and free to download

Science Experiments

How creative story-telling helps you remember the planets.

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  • Lots of ideas to help teachers with projects on space and planets including tips on decorating your classroom with a space theme

Memory techniques

What else?

Teachers TV Science collections


ICT…the fascination to be found in Battery chickens. Dan Roberts

  • Watch the 'eggcam' mentioned in Dan's article
  • Access the Battery chickens scheme of work here.

ICT – BAFTA gaming

D & T resource of the week – By Spencer Herbert

Previous TES links

Featured links from previous editions


GEOGRAPHY. Primary. Conquering the horrors of the field trip. Paula Owens


  • My Risk Assessment Paula Owen's presentation lesson template for a lesson on risk assessment based on the ideas in her article

What else?

  • Educational visits collectionAllay your fears and check out the comprehensive collection of educational visits resources containing materials on English Heritage sites, farm visits, health and safety and much more

English Heritage

Conservation conversation

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Modern Foreign Languages

How I learned Chinese with my students. Matt Tipton

LanguageRen has shared some popular Mandarin lesson plans which can help cover basic greetings and activities

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Resource of the week

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