TES links 9 December 2011

TES 9 December 2011

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Winter Solstice

21 - 22 December

KS1 Pagan Celebrations shared by Besomcat

  • Explain some of the special times of year for Pagans and how they celebrate

KS2 Winter holidays, shared by MerryG

  • Lead the class or assembly in a discussion about different winter holidays around the world

KS3 Religious events throughout the year shared by PhillipaHartley

  • Use a multi-faith calendar to chart different religious festivals and celebrations

KS4 Humanist perspectives shared by Humanismforschools

  • Discuss the meaning behind celebrations, life and death, evil and suffering from a humanist perspective

TES Resources London

Learn, explore, network at TES Resources London 9th and 10th December

12 Games for Christmas - Free for TES members

Maths -

Help! The Students are Brighter than Me

Visit Craig Barton's collection of resources for working with gifted and talented pupils –

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  • If you're stuck on a tricky question ask other maths teachers on the TES maths forum

Primary & Secondary Resource of the week

In the spotlight

Maths games are all we want for Christmas

Make maths merry with 12 brand new interactive maths games from TES Topics, available for free from the makers of TESiboard resources.

To download this and the rest of the 12 Games of Christmas visit www.topics.tes.co.uk and enter TESXmas11 in the voucher code

For more interactive maths activities visit the TESiboard index for the following great collections:

Shape and Space


On this day -

15 December 2001

The Leaning Tower of Pisa re-opens for the first time in 12 years.


The Leaning Tower

  • One of Italy's most popular tourist attractions, the 186ft-tall tower was closed in 1990 because it was in danger of falling over. The bell tower of the Pisa Cathedral was begun in 1173 and took 177 years to complete and began tilting from the start because of its sandy foundations. It looks the same now, but the lean has been corrected by 45 centimetres. Conduct an experiment from kes1985

The Wobbly Bridge

  • London's Millennium Bridge reopened in February 2002 after a £5m repair programme to correct the wobble which saw it closed just three days after it opened in June 2000. Initially engineers tried to blame the number of people on the bridge - but finally installed 37 viscous dampers (like shock absorbers) and stabilisers to fix it. Enjoy a resource from nw5298 on good, bad and ugly design

City without Water

  • The spectacular Fatehpur Sikri, in Uttar Pradesh, India, was built as the first planned city of the Mughals, by Emperor Akbar in 1570. It took 15 years to build but was abandoned after only 14 years because of a shortage of water. Now a perfect red-hued ghost city, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986. This resource from Schumacher looks at the effect of products on the environment

Galloping Gertie

  • The original Tacoma Narrows Bridge, in the US state of Washington, and the third longest suspension bridge in the world, collapsed in November 1940 – just four months after it was opened. Known for its pitching deck it collapsed into Puget Sound during 42mph winds. The bridge collapse had lasting effects on science and engineering. Watch YouTube footage – including a man risking his life for a dog in a car

The Accident Prone Architect

  • Charles de Gaulle in Paris airport made headlines in 2004 when not long after the opening of Terminal 2E, its ceiling collapsed, killing four people. The building was designed by Paul Andreu who also designed Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport which collapsed while under construction the same year. Oops. Teach children to evaluate buildings with a resource from QCDA_Resources


A little Jar of Horrors

What else?

  • Try a lesson plan from Louisa28 which shows how to use complex sentences and other authorial styles when starting a story
  • Noreen Bashir has put together a useful vocab selection for creepy stories
  • Watch a Teachers TV video for a spooky literacy idea – a ghostly figure in an underground lair

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Secondary English - Resource of the Week

A picture is worth a thousand words, but putting them together is pure poetry

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  • One teacher looks for advice on teaching poetry analysis and teachers share their creative ideas – why not share yours?

Primary resource review – Sara Carroll

English - Fantasy writing

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Scientific questions

What else?

  • For a chemistry lesson on pollution try a presentation and activity shared by Tinimoo
  • Alan_Monaghan has shared a project outline for water and human conflict – try it with your pupils and start the discussion
  • For a biology investigation into air quality try a starter and extension activity from mad.scientist which is getting rave reviews

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It's dim up north

What else?

Contributor of the week – EdComs

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ICT versus computing?

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Music – JazzWorks

Jazz FM has teamed up with PWC to launch an education programme - teaching jazz to underprivileged children in inner-City schools.

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RE & Media – What does your faith mean to you?

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Modern Foreign Languages

Let Them Eat Cake – Or Ice cream

What else?

  • For practicing German phrases and useful expressions try the 5-star rated speaking booklet from sommersprossen – it's a big hit with teachers

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Esperanto Day – 15th Dec

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  • One teacher suggests that every child over five should be taught Esperanto to prepare them for learning more difficult languages – join the discussion

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Get young pupils engaged with famous rulers from ancient times in the TESiboard Kings, Queens and Rulers collection. There's a mock website and interactive games to support reading – tell us what you think.

In the Spotlight

Ashmolean Museum Opens New Galleries

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  • Visit the TES educational visits for more ideas on class trips and fun educational outings for primary, secondary and SEN pupils

History KS1

Toys from the past

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