TES magazine 30 March 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

TES 30 March 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.

Roger Mugford runs the Company of Animals

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The calming influence of dogs can counteract the nerves felt by children when learning to read, according to the Bark and Read Foundation.


  • Key stage 1: Money matters - Dogs Trust shares a compendium of colourful activities covering how to play with your dog
  • Key stage 2: Design a Dog - More 'puppy' fun from the Dogs Trust with this crafty task.
  • Key stage 3: Learned and Instinct - How do animals and humans come to perform certain actions? sheepie55's IWB will sort this out.
  • Key stage 4: Pavlov's Dogs - Lesleywhittle translates Pavlov's experiment into an activity about young people and brands
  • Key stage 5: Homer's Behaving - Homer and his Simpson buddies take students through behavioural theories in Granvilleey's presentation

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Liquid refeshment

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  • Is the head of maths role in a large secondary one of the most demanding positions in education? That's the debate going on in the TES Maths forum.

In the Spotlight - Up, down, turn around

TESiboard's collection designed to support numeracy and ICT.

All these activities and more are found in:

Resource of the Week

Developing worlds

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Top 3 Network Resources:

  • Celestia, Vidshell and Stellarium are all freely available and classroom tested. Check for a full listing.
  • Dragsters Physicists make their own experimental apparatus- co-ordinators show teachers how to make a compressed air launcher that fires small cars the length of the sports hall.
  • Cloud Chambers Taking the good ideas of physics teachers and getting them out to a wider audience and making them portable

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In the Spotlight - I-Science

Pupils from King Henry VIII School, Abergavenny, Wales are creating their very own iBooks.

Contributor of the Week

Feeling the pressure of the approaching exams? Why not delve into Hanmphillip's resources- you'll find a wide range of exam style questions, revision games and writing frames to build students' confidence.

The Bard's easy innit

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  • Teach students to sing their own sonnets and learn Shakespeare's rhythm, rhyme and style with LolaBee's sonnet and similes exercise
  • Is Shakespeare's lingo really that different from ours? See if your students can tell which quotes rung out from the Globe rafters and which echoed through the streets of Gotham in MissEmmiski's humourous quiz

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  • There's chat about how the GCSE results are looking so far on the TES English forum with conversations on the WJEC and the Edexcel syllabi.

In the Spotlight

English Association award 'Betty Haigh Shakespeare Prize'

Students are invited to write a 3000 word essay on a Shakespearean topic of their choice.

  • Practise Shakespearean essay technique with TESEnglish's step-by-step guide to a 'character of Capulet' essay
  • Or try Daniel Ingman's scheme of work, unraveling the key elements of essay technique one lesson at a time.
  • Start planning Shakespeare's birthday celebrations with the TES Shakespeare collection
  • Stick with the Shakespearean spirit and create a box theatre to stage your own 'midsummer night's dream' with instructions from early Shakespeare
  • Mod83 shares 20 one page role play scripts for a humorous and creative exploration of emotions.


Family fortunes

Karen Russell is a teacher, writer and secondary school governor. She runs a workshop which aims to develop creativity and empathy for other cultures. for free resources online.

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  • Primary schools are looking for other schools to link up with to exchange ideas and build friendships in the TES Geography forum

In the Spotlight: ClassDojo

An online programme where pupils are represented by a lively cartoon avatar.

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Playing for keeps

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Teachers are talking about the GCSE preliminary materials in

Resource of the Week - Music for everyone

Resource of the Week - Comic learning

Boost the word count

What else?

With key word lists and a range of quizzes, bingo games, wordsearches and more origami girl's vocab pack will hopefully ingrain words in minds forever and if you like that, check out her full collection of vocab puzzles.

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  • IThere's a long running thread on the MFL forum about how vocabulary is acquired it also includes advice on how to expand pupils' vocabulary.

In the Spotlight - Vocab champs

  • Stories of conflict, revenge and forbidden love will grip primary and beginner language classrooms with BBC Class Clips MFL animated tales