TES Primary Maths group

TES Primary Maths group

Dear Colleagues,

We want to help Primary teachers network; to share ideas, to talk about current issues in education and classrooms, to work collaboratively on interesting projects and to share guidance and offer support to each other.

To make a start with this idea, we’re looking for a group of enthusiastic teachers to join our TES Primary Maths Teaching groups.

Our first groups to begin with are:

  • Primary Maths
  • Primary English
  • Primary Languages

Others will follow in coming months.

Projects that the groups will be involved in include:

  • Reviewing and recommending subject materials on TES Resources and for the TES Magazine
  • Working collaboratively to develop a content plan
  • Contributing to resource collections to share with other teachers
  • Working together to develop an understanding of the current and future needs of the subject area
  • Linking with other organisations to promote the cross-fertilisation of ideas
  • The opportunity to meet all members of the primary groups at a special workshop day in London at the TES offices