TES PRO Get organised

Teachers can spend hours and hours in the holidays planning lessons. So that's why we created TES Pro – to make planning easy and saves you time organising all your teaching material.

IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3:

  1. First add your teaching resources to your own private online storage in TES Pro. It's simple to upload lesson materials you've created or add ones straight from TES Connect – and you can then access them anywhere in the world, any time.

  2. Then organise your resources the way you want. TES Pro's unique binder system makes it easy to plan lessons or topics.

  3. Want to know precisely what you'll be teaching with a particular class? You can load your collections of teaching material straight into a calendar that has been developed specially for teachers.

A major bonus feature you'll also gain is a digital subscription to the award winning TES magazine, packed with ideas and links to the best teaching resources.

Special Summer Extended Trial Offer

Take a 30-day FREE trial and we will give you an extra 30 days for free. This means that you'll gain 60 days to enjoy the features and benefits of TES Pro*.

*Please note that when you sign up for your 30-day trial your additional free 30 days will be credited on your confirmation email.