TES Pro - Sharing FAQs

Sharing FAQs

Can I share a binder?

Yes. Simply open the binder you want to share and click the blue 'Share' button at the top of the panel. To find out more click here.

You can only share a binder if it has at least one file in it.

Does the person I have shared a binder with need to have his or her own TES Pro account?

No. Anyone who you have shared a binder with will be able to view the binder structure and any descriptions of the files inside the binder. However, in order to download the files from a shared binder you do need to be a member of TES Connect. It is completely free to join TES, just click here to register.

Can I share a binder with multiple people?

Yes. You can add up to 20 email addresses when you share a binder, just separate the email addresses with a comma. click here to find out how to share a binder.

If you want to share the binder with more people again later, just open the binder, click the share button again and send it to more people.

Can I share multiple binders with the same person?

Yes. You can share as many binders as you wish. click here to find out how to share a binder.

Are shared binders private?

When you share a binder, a link is created for your shared binder. Anyone who is given this link can look at your binder, Whilst it is unlikely anyone will find the link to your binder unless you have shared it with them, it is important to remember that this link is not private. For example if one of your friends gave the link to someone else, or posted it on twitter, anyone would be able to go to the link and see your binder.

We recommend you don’t share binders that include sensitive or confidential information such as people’s addresses etc.

Why can’t I see the option to share my binder when the binder is open?

You can only share a binder if there is a minimum of one file in one section, so if you don’t have any files in your binder the option to share it will not appear.

Can I 'Unshare' a binder?

Yes. Open the binder you want to unshare and click the blue 'Share' button at the top of the panel. This will take you to a new share panel; then click the blue ‘Unshare’ button at the top of the panel to unshare your binder. A notification message will appear to inform you that the link to where your binder was shared is no longer available.

If I have shared a binder with another person, can they delete or modify the files within that binder?

No. The person who shared the binder is the only person who can modify the files within the shared binder.

If I have updated files within a shared binder, will the people I shared the binder with see the updated version?

Yes. Shared binders are a public viewable version of your files that are updated as soon as you change anything, so everyone will see the updates you make.