The TES School Awards - Outstanding School Financial Team or Initiative

The Times Educational Supplement has launched its first ever Schools Awards for England and Wales. Celebrate the successes of your colleagues, stakeholders, suppliers and pupils by entering The TES Schools Awards.

Outstanding School Financial Team or Initiative

This new award is aimed at recognising first class school finance teams, or the financial institutions or organisations that support schools. So it could go to a bank or financial consultant that has a strong record of working successfully with schools. Or it could go to the finance team within a specific school or the finance team in a local education authority that has provided excellent financial help and advice to a school or schools. This award is also open to innovative financial initiatives - so if you have discovered a clever new source of finance, or developed a new financial process that is delivering real benefits, or something similar, you could enter too.

In your submission you need to explain the breadth and depth of your work with schools, the positive outcomes you’ve achieved and you should - if possible - include some testimonials or references from schools to support your nomination. Schools can nominate themselves or their Financial Partner (if so, please check that they are happy to have their name put forward), and financial organisations can simply enter in their own right.

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