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About the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust

Dame Kelly Homes charity improves the lives of young people in disadvantaged communities using sports stars as inspirational role models and mentors. Our mission is to inspire young people to find and fulfil their potential in sport or in life through a workforce of elite sports performers.

Uniquely, all of the charities' activities are delivered by world class athletes, most of whom are Olympians, Paralympians, World and Commonwealth Champions. They work directly with young people as role models and mentors, encouraging them to find and believe in their own potential.

Our work so far...

Though we have only been established since July 2008, we have made significant progress in making a difference to young people in our Inspiring Sport and Inspiring Lives programmes. We have already delivered projects for young people In East London, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool and Bognor Regis and have projects developing in Reading, Aberdeen, Surrey, Hull, Bristol, Kent and London this year.

Inspiring Sport:

As any sports star knows, it is a long journey to becoming the best. For many it takes years of ups and downs to get to the top and on this journey the elite performers gain a wealth of unique knowledge and experience which they can use to 'give back' in sport. For the up and coming stars of the future, who are just beginning this journey, the insight of an elite performer is invaluable. That's why we make the most of ex-sports performer to 'Inspire Sport' by developing bespoke projects which support talented young sports performers, and by partnering projects that promote healthy, active lifestyles, and sport in local communities.

Our 'Backing Talent' programme utilises retiring sports performers as role models and mentors, passing on the benefits of their careers to the next generation. Through our support we give aspiring young sports performers, and their parents and coaches from the communities in which they live, the skills they need to become their best. We do this through a practical education and mentoring programme.

We also want to make a difference to disadvantaged young people who have not found their own talents, through our 'Inspiring Lives' work.

Every child needs a hero... someone to look up to and be inspired by. But too many kids just don’t have this in their lives. Currently, over one million young people are not in education, employment or training. They need help. Someone to believe in them and help them find their own talents.

'Get on Track' Programme is an innovative new programme designed to make jobless youngsters 'fit for employment'. Piloted in Knowsley, Liverpool and funded by Comic Relief, it gives vulnerable young people the chance to work with elite sports stars like Dame Kelly and a host of other world class athletes.

The programme provides stepping stones for young people to volunteering, work placements and employment opportunities. They are supported through this process by elite sports mentors who, having experienced the highs and lows of world class competition, know what it is like to face adversity and overcome the odds to succeed.

'Get on Track' has three distinct phases;

  • "On your Marks" is an intensive training programme;
  • "Get Set" supports young people to plan and deliver local community based challenges.
  • "Go" sets up real "next steps" opportunities for young people to work experience, employment and training.

'Get on Track' will be expanded to Reading and London this year.