The TES Schools Awards - Outstanding Leadership Team Award

The Times Educational Supplement has launched its first ever Schools Awards for England and Wales. Celebrate the successes of your colleagues, stakeholders, suppliers and pupils by entering The TES Schools Awards.

Outstanding Leadership Team Award

This award is for the best school leadership team - so usually this will involve the headteacher, deputy and their senior academic staff. To enter you need to explain why your team is so outstanding, its achievements over the last 12 months, and why it deserves this accolade. The judges will be keen to see independent evidence or testimonials that support the success of the team. This award will go to the school that demonstrates the breadth and depth of its leadership skills across a wide range of functions. When entering make sure you underline all the areas where you have excelled, and try to provide benchmark data that proves that your school delivers real leadership best practice and innovation across the board.

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