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This collection of Secondary PSHE resources on the theme of ‘diversity in the classroom’ has been assembled by the TES Resource Team from materials and ideas shared by the teaching community on TES Connect. There are also useful links to topics relating to Citizenship. Resources include discussion topics such as racism, bullying, same-sex relationships and stereotypes. Materials also include powerpoints, lesson plans, images and much more, all available for free.

Diversity in the classroom collection

Discussion toolkit

  • The toolkit guides you through a variety of activities you can use to structure and encourage discussion in the classroom.

Challenging stereotypes

  • Discuss issues of prejudice and judgement through an engaging group or pair exercise. Also containing useful links to Citizenship topics.

Community cohesion

  • Learn about and discuss common issues affecting communities and how best to integrate everyone involved.

Ethics and morality through soaps

  • Recreate your own soap opera as a method of introducing the concepts of ethics, morality and religious issues.

Football and racism

  • Racism is an unfortunate but common problem in the sporting world. Examine how it relates to football and discuss possible ways to overcome it.

The Fairest Teacher of them all

  • An engaging enquiry into the effects of discrimination in the classroom -what do pupils think?

Antibullying and conflict resolution

  • Lack of knowledge and understanding about different backgrounds are a common cause for conflict in the classroom. Encourage your class to think about these issues.

Faith-based bullying lesson plan

  • Pupils may experience bullying as a result of their faith or religion -open the topic up to the class and investigate what can be done to combat the issue.

How much are friends worth?

  • Discuss diversity in the context of attitudes and behaviour, as well as background: this useful starter introduces the topic of peer pressure and friends.

Same sex relationships

  • Help pupils consider and discuss their attitudes to same-sex relationships and support diverse relationships.

Open minded

  • An assembly resource which can also be used for classroom display, on the topic of diversity and being open minded towards people from different cultures, backgrounds or social groups.

Homophobic bullying

  • Encourage a lively classroom debate by discussing an increasingly common and serious issue. Get pupils thinking and assessing their attitudes.

Citizenship and diversity crossword

  • Simple starter activity to get pupils thinking about terms and vocabulary relating to diversity and difference.

The social model of disability

  • Discuss different ways of thinking about disability and overcoming the barriers faced by people with disabilities.

Compare countries & cultural diversity

  • Encourage a broader investigation into attitudes and knowledge about different countries and customs - how much do pupils know?

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