TES teaching resources Movement and Settlement

Secondary History - Movement and settlement

This collection looks at how people have moved and settled in the United Kingdom and beyond. It focuses on the diverse nationalities that have immigrated into the country and some of the complex reasons why certain groups have chosen to leave.


Migration and multiculturalism

  • An introductory PowerPoint about how immigration has shaped the UK.

Migration to London

  • A fantastic introduction to migration over the centuries that could be used to introduce the theme to students.


  • A lesson plan and resources focusing on the immigrant groups that came to Britain from the 1700s.

A Nation of Immigrants: SOW

  • A scheme of work charting the history of immigration into the British Isles. Works alongside a current History textbook.

Red Cloud’s Essay Writing

  • A great exercise showing students how to write an effective essay using the North American Indians war against the white settlers as an example.

Pilgrim Fathers

The Pilgrim Fathers

  • A general history about the Pilgrim Fathers and their exploits.

The American West

  • A great selection of worksheets and activities aimed at EBD students looking at the conquest of North America by English Settlers.


Bound for Britain

  • A lesson plan and resources about West Indian migration into the UK.

Windrush starter

  • A starter activity getting pupils to think about the issues immigrants would have to consider before moving to the UK.

Jamaican Times newspaper activity

  • A template that pupils can use to write an empathetic piece about West Indian immigration in to the UK in the 1950s and 60s.

Transportation to America and Australia

Victorian Children in Trouble with Law

  • A resource about Victorian punishments that includes details of transportation prisoners and their crimes.


  • A lesson plan and group activity exploring Transportation and the experiences of those in the colonies.

Jewish Immigration

A Medieval Mystery

  • An exploration of the treatment of Jewish immigrants in Medieval Britain.


Evacuation to Canada

  • A detailed lesson plan with resources about children who were evacuated to Canada during WWII.

WWII Evacuation

  • A presentation and activity exploring how children were evacuated during WWII. The activity also looks at their experiences of being evacuated abroad.

Teacher’s TV videos

The Kindertransport - Goodbye Home

  • This moving and powerful programme tells the story of the struggle Jewish refugee children faced in the late 1930s when they were uprooted from home to avoid persecution and the forthcoming Holocaust.

Lost in Transition

  • A primary and secondary teachers’ workshop to improve transition in History across KS2-3

KS4 History - The Legacy of Coal

  • A look at new techniques to involve pupils in their history learning. Exploring the streets, interviewing ex-miners and visiting local resources are all part of learning history for a group of Year 10 pupils in Nottingham.


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