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Sharing thousands of fantastic free teaching resources, offering support for the classroom and helping you to be the best teacher you can be.

Highlighting the best of our secondary English teaching resources, lesson plans, worksheets, teaching ideas, MP3 files and IWB tools.

Sharing the latest maths news, tips & resources, including Resource of the Day (ROTD) & Resource Shout-Outs.

Find the best Science resources on TES, get help with ideas for lesson observations, interviews and lots more.

Sharing the best Spanish, French and German resources, lesson plans and teaching ideas.

A steady stream of resources, information, ideas & conversation about using ICT to promote learning.

Resources, teaching ideas and support for anyone working with the under-5s.

Times Educational Supplement Scotland – the magazine for Scottish teaching professionals.

Schools-related news and views from some of the editorial team at TES.

Support, advice and words and wisdom on behaviour, classroom management and pedagogy.

Classroom resources, teaching ideas and news for the 5-11 primary/elementary teacher.

Supporting your SEN needs by sharing all the best SEN resources across all age groups.

The place for teaching and learning support assistants to chat, laugh and share.

Free interactive resources, lesson plans and whiteboard resources on TES iboard.

News, links and discussion from the TES further education team.

The widest selection of education jobs, expert careers advice and valuable tools for CPD.