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Exam Solutions provides over a thousand free video tutorials for the AS and A-level courses in Core Maths, Mechanics and Statistics.

Maths Made Easy

ExamSolutions provides over a thousand free video tutorials for the AS and A-level courses in Core Maths, Mechanics and Statistics.

ExamSolutions was founded by Stuart Sidders in 2006, a product of his ambition to make maths tuition available throughout the world, so that maths could be easy and accessible to all. Stuart believes that when it comes to maths revision, the only way to make further progress and gain confidence is by doing plenty of problems from past papers.

With this in mind Stuart set up ExamSolutions to provide a better resource for students when they are revising from maths past papers. ExamSolutions provides a much more thorough resource than mark schemes alone. Unlike mark schemes, these solutions are designed for students, and hopefully encourage learning.

This excellent collection of videos is constantly expanding, with more videos being regularly added to the ExamSolutions TES profile.

Binomial Distribution

This is the first in a series of videos on the Binomial distribution which aims to show what it is and the properties through the use of probability tree diagrams.

Top resources

Resolving: Splitting a Force into Components

Resolving forces is essential to solving mechanics problems and is not the easiest of concepts. This video aims to show students when to use cos and sin of an angle in splitting a force into two components at right angles to one another.

Perpendicular Lines

This video is one in a series on basic coordinate geometry on lines and line segments. In this one I look at the gradients of perpendicular lines and the relationship that exists between them.

Differentiation: Tangents and Normals

In this video tutorial, I introduce what a tangent and normal are and explain the general method of finding the respective equations. It is then followed by an example.

Conditional Probability in Venn Diagrams

Conditional probability is not an easy concept but this video demonstrates different types of Venn diagrams and how it can easily be calculated from them. An exercise follows for a student to try.

Videos by topic

Other Highlights

Normal Distribution: Introduction

  • This video covers the shape, percentages within various regions, notation and the standardized normal distribution.

Velocity Time Graphs

  • An animated video showing how to draw and interpret a velocity time graph for a particle moving in a straight line.

The Cosine Rule

  • I wanted to get across the method used rather than burden students with the formula and labeling of triangles. I hope this video achieves that aim.

Surds: Multiplication Rule

  • One of my earliest videos, but is always very popular; it is the first in a series demonstrating the multiplication rule.

Integration: Area under a Graph

  • This video looks at how to find the area bounded by a curve above the x-axis and between two x-valued lines. This video is one of a series where area is found in various regions.

Connected Particles on a Rough Inclined Plane

  • In this example I show you how to handle two particles connected by a string passing over a pulley on a rough inclined plane.

New videos are added regularly so please check our profile for the latest films

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