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Kings, Queens and Rulers, a TESiboard History Collection

TESiboard have chosen 24 rulers from across the globe whose influence has been felt throughout the ages. Aimed at KS2, the resources present the information in a variety of formats, providing useful secondary sources for research and models for the pupils’ own writing.

Additional resources encourage pupils to analyse the information and to make decisions on which information to select and use in their own work, also meeting data handling objectives in maths and ICT.

Kings, Queens and Rulers Interactive Encyclopedia

  • This Information Book introduces 24 influential rulers, with simple text, illustrations and pop-ups of additional definitions on each page.

Kings, Queens and Rulers Mock Website

  • Information on influential rulers presented as an alternative format to a book. It allows pupils to search for information safely, in a carefully-written and closed environment. Pupils use the links to navigate around and find key items of information or enter their own search criteria.

Kings, Queens and Rulers Glossary

  • The Glossary presents the information in an alphabetical list format.

Kings, Queens and Rulers Interactive Graph Maker

  • Pupils can create bar charts to compare ages of coming to power and length of reign. This leads to setting questions to analyse the data.

Also available to support the topic are editable image documents, in Word format, to print out for a variety of writing tasks or to create a display. Why not use the images and information to create a class timeline, asking pupils to add other Rulers after carrying out their own research?

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