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Thank you to everyone who took part in this competition. Here are the winners…

Grand prize winner

Congratulations to John Callaghan (username johncallaghan) – by sharing the most quality resources between 6th March and 30th April, he has won exclusive use of a private island in Spain for 5 nights!

John says: “Thank you so much to TES for this amazing prize and all those who continue to share their work with me.”

Read a full Q&A with John


Congratulations to Joanne Maxwell (username jomax766) who finished in second place and wins £750 worth of Amazon vouchers, and Loretta Browne (username lbrowne) who finished in third place and wins £250 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Weekend escape winners

In addition to the main competition, every fortnight we gave away a fantastic weekend escape to one lucky contributor in our free prize draw. Here are the winners:

Q&A with John Callaghan

Why have you deserved some me-time this year?

I probably do deserve some me-time as I have two kids under the age of five and haven't been on any sort of holiday since 2006, apart from going back and forth to visit family in Ireland! I've also had to prepare two groups for GCSE at the same time while trying to get my head around the new English curriculum! The 15 new poems were fun! It's been exhausting but a great challenge and I'm sure every hard working teacher needs a little me time every now and again and I'm no different!

Who will you take with you to the Spanish island?

I'm sure there'll be plenty of offers and begging letters but I'd have to take my fantastic other half Lucy who, as well as juggling her own career, looks after all the important family matters (I buy the toys and bring them to the cinema) and has been a great support to me in my own career and has never discouraged me from any new opportunity!

What's the inspiration behind your resources?

I always try and find a new angle when revisiting old ground and as an English teacher you can be revising capital letters until the day before their GCSE exam! Being a parent of two young children, I find inspiration in their favourite things, so many of my resources are inspired by Lightning McQueen, Peppa Pig and generally, Pixar films! I used to work at a school that struggled to engage young boys so this kind of approach really worked well so I’ve continued to try and create contexts that students could relate to!

The main thing I try to do is create an arresting visual stimulus which helps engage the students as they always seem to know when you've dragged out a tired, dog-eared resource that has bored generations before them; it has to be new, fresh and most importantly challenging!

Why do you like sharing resources on TES?

Using TES and uploading my own resources helps to improve teaching on a wider platform and getting constructive feedback from my fellow peers as well as stories from individuals who've used my resources successfully in very different ways is very rewarding!

At its core, teaching is about sharing information and while some teachers can be very protective of their resources , when I’m working with other departments or on training days, it’s so great to just give my TES name to colleagues, who can then pick and choose the resources that suit their students and continue to follow me as I upload new resources. It's also a great way of keeping my resources safe as you never know when the school network will chew them up!

How would you encourage someone who has never uploaded a resource before to do so?

It was a music teacher from my own school that encouraged me to start uploading my resources. As great as it is to find a resource on TES that suits your class and subject or topic and saves you valuable time, we work in a profession that isn't very forward in celebrating and promoting each other’s work. Often one group leaves and you just begin again and it can get stale quite quickly, so the positive feedback is very welcome and can assure you that you're doing the right thing. The feedback from other teachers and knowing that your work is benefiting more than just the thirty students in front of you is very rewarding and the more we share, the more vibrant and engaging our lessons will become.