28 September 2012

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Recommended resources for The pupils making it up as they go along

Key stage 1 - What's the story?

  • Children’s author Roger Hurn shares 12 top tips for storytelling.

Key stage 2 - Digital tales

  • Help students tell stories in digital formats with a lesson from bevevans22.

Key stage 3 - Word Alive

  • Turn students into storytellers with the National Theatre’s Word Alive work pack.

Key stage 4 - The hows and whys

  • Explore the history of storytelling with a drama lesson from jimbo_badger.

Key stage 5 - Finding the plot

  • Introduce students to the structure of the novel and short story with m.james’ notes.

Of Mice and Men

TESEnglish has pulled together a collection of resources on Steinbeck’s novel including audio files, interactive whiteboard activities, worksheets and more.

Eat well

Foodafactoflife shares resources to help pupils understand healthy eating focusing on what is needed for a balanced diet.

TES welcomes… Royal Society

New TES partner Royal Society has uploaded over 170 free videos. The videos show scientists explaining a wide range of topics including: the neuroscience of emotions, satnav for surgeons and airport security.

Assembly of the week: Outer space

Secondary Extra

Hard craft

Top 10 Supporting spelling resources

Help pupils struggling with spelling with these resources.

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Spotlight on ....Next steps

With university applications well on the way, it’s important to encourage students to focus on their future plans. Try these resources to help students make the right choices for them:

Prepare for work



HE explained

Who do you think you are?

Breaking news

What else?

Know computers inside out

What else?

In toon with the times

What else?

  • Introduce students to political cartoons with a PowerPoint and blog from annajordan.
  • Get students creating their own newspaper cartoons with a Gloucestershire Archives’ how-to-guide.

Bang the drum for science

What else?

Winging it in Spanish

What else?

Investigating inflation

What else?