Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass (9-10 November, 1938), was a series of violent anti-Jewish pogroms that happened in Germany under Hitler’s regime. The name reflects the devastation of Jewish businesses, homes and synagogues - broken glass covered the streets.

This year is the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Commemorate the date with these lesson plans and teaching resources on the pogroms, anti-Jewish laws and Nazi ideology.

Strategies for teaching the Holocaust

  • Guidelines from Yad Vashem , the world centre for Holocaust research, on teaching the Holocaust with sensitivity.


Kristallnacht - who is responsible?

  • Students investigate sources in order to evaluate evidence about what might have caused the event.


  • A simple worksheet that captures the reasons why Kristallnacht happened, the events and the aftermath. Good for revision.

Kristallnacht – what happened?

  • Help students understand the narrative of the events of Kristallnacht with this group work activity.

Nazi theories of race

  • Introduce the events leading up to Kristallnacht, then use as a case study for A-Level students to explain the night’s significance.

Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany

Nazi persecution of European Jews

  • This QCDA_Resources scheme of work explains Nazi ideology and methods of persecution from the Nuremberg Laws to the Final Solution.

Changes in the Nazi treatment of Jews

  • Using historical sources and Stephen Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, this comprehensive resource encourages students to practise inference skills while learning about anti-Semitism during the Third Reich.

Anti-Jewish laws

  • Students can explore and discuss the different Nazi laws which affected Jewish rights with these sorting cards from the Holocaust Education Trust.

Radicalisation of anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany

  • Detailed look at how anti-Semitism intensified during Hitler’s regime, from boycotts to death camps.

Holocaust Survivor Booklet

  • A detailed booklet for pupils to complete before meeting a survivor. Includes a definition of Kristallnacht and its significance to Holocaust studies.

Nazi ideology

The Holocaust and the Second World War

  • Theoretical readings analysing the Wansee conference, Barbarossa, Kristallnacht and other events that shaped the Nazi period.

Nazi ideology

  • A comprehension activity introducing students to the roots of Nazi policy.

Development of a Dictatorship - Germany 1918 – 45

  • A hugely detailed timeline which tracks the main events in Germany, including Kristallnacht.