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News from the TES

GCSE results: grade inflation comes to a halt for the first time in the qualification’s history

  • Twenty-four years of continuous improvement ends

GCSE overhaul: reform in haste, repent at leisure

  • Brian Lightman warns against incremental, hasty changes to the National Curriculum

It’s time to teach business leaders a lesson in constructive criticism

  • Businesses: stop bashing schools and start collaborating with them, says Gerard Kelly

'You never get to the point when you are not nervous'

  • Results day is a trying time for teachers as well as students

Slow down or say goodbye to 'world class', Gove told

  • Rushing new 'O levels' will harm quality, exam boards caution

Beyond the grade

  • Pupils will be ranked nationally as part of the new O-level-style qualifications

New curriculum will allow 'extreme' freedom

  • It won't be abolished but it will be 'very, very short', says Gove's team

O level plan: revolutionary for sure...

  • …but has Mr Gove really thought this through?

Who does Gove think his O levels are for?

  • GCSEs may need reforming, but not at the expense of hope, says Bethan Marshall

Please reconsider your disastrous O-level plans, Mr Gove

  • GCSEs are enlightened qualifications – and Francis Gilbert says that as a harsh critic of the current qualifications

O-level plans spark fears of 'backward step' for FE

  • Pupils seen to have 'failed' would end up in colleges, critics argue

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Something fishy?

  • TES columnist Geoff Barton discusses the odd case of the falling English GCSE results on his blog.