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Last updated 28 February 2012

What's new for teachers of Maths this week?Lot's of exciting things going on this week. We have an excellent Resource of the Week which is perfect for GCSE students, there's a video about an amazing functional maths website, and a collection of Maths CSI Resources. What more could you possibly need? :-)

You on TES

TES Star Contributor

Algebra Queen, you have uploaded the most this week; thank you for sharing!

Featured Partner - NRICH maths

Possibly my favourite website in the world (apart from TES of course!). Nrich provides stimulating problems and challenges for all ages and abilities.

Weekly Highlights

Resource of the Week

The Language of GCSE Mathematics

An excellent resource for ensuring your students understand what key terms mean.

Forum Discussion of the Week

Is Maths easier now than it used to be?

A classic Forum discussion from the past is ressurected!

Forum discussion of the Week

Can every student get a grade C in GCSE Maths?

Video of the week

Web Whizz Video 22 - Get the Math!

Maths Collections of the Week

Mathscast Videos

Clear and concise videos for students on the key areas of maths.

Topic Special: Probability

A selection of the best Probability resources on TES.

Maths CSI Collection

Can your students crack the puzzles to solve the crime?

Autograph Resources

Video of the week Hiding Things!

We look at a really useful feature of Autograph, and it's applications in the classroom.

Autograph Activity of the Week Enlargement Golf

Can you get your shape into the whole using scale factors and centres of enlargement?

Collection of the Week Graphing

All your straight line, curves and calculus needs satisfied in one place!

More Resources

TES Maths Collections Index

Index page of all TES Maths collections.

Secondary Maths Page on TES

Teaching resources, worksheets and lesson plans for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level Maths.

Maths Teachers TV

Videos for use in the Maths classroom.

Craig's Profile Page

Links to all of Craig's resources.

The latest Maths newsletter

Check out the 'Resource of the Week' and the latest Maths news

Articles on TES

Logic over Magic

Pupils who rely on time-saving tricks will run out of luck

Sudoku, anyone?

The logic required for the puzzle is similar to that for maths.

In his new role Craig Barton will bring attention to the thousands of top-quality Maths resources that are available on TES. He will pick out a "Resource of the Week" and record a video explaining why he likes it and suggesting ways it could be used. Craig has also created a Secondary Maths Collection Page which features themed collections of some of the best resources. To complement this page a fortnightly themed Maths Newsletter, written by him, will be sent out to subscribers highlighting resources.