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What's new for Science teachers this week? Get ready to celebrate Science Week with our new collection, share your experience of the new GCSE exams on our forum and tell us what inspired you to become a Scientist in our Answer Garden brainstorm. Also, watch the first of a series of video tutorials on iBooks Author for Macs and iPads made by students at King Henry VIII school (Abergavenny, Wales). I update this page every Monday highlighting the best content on TES for Primary and Secondary Science. There are thousands of wonderful resources here and I hope I can help by pointing them in your direction. More about Alessio...

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TES Star contributor

Wildscreen, you have uploaded the most this week; thank you for sharing!

Featured Partner – Science in School

Great lesson ideas, innovative practical activities and latest research in Science.

Weekly Highlights

Primary resource of the week

Colourful interactive book on Plants and Trees from TESiBoard.

Secondary resource of the week

Really engaging revision games for GCSE exams.

Forum Discussions of the Week

Awaiting the first set of Yr10 AQA results…

Did you get any nasty surprises with these new GCSE exams, or was there nothing to worry about in the end?

Now the first Yr10 results are out which Exam Board do you recommend/not recommend?

Did you make the right choice of Exam Board for your learners?

Video of the Week

King Henry VIII

iBooks Author Quizzes Tutorial A fantastic video made by learners at King Henry VIII School (Abergavenny) on how to create multi-touch quizzes in iBooks for iPad! This is the first of a mini-series of video tutorials on iBooks Author!

More Science Videos

Featured Collections

Primary Science – Plants

Watch great BBC Class Clips videos and use the resources we matched to them this Spring to get your learners explore all aspects of plants and their development.

Secondary Science – Teachers TV – Science Lessons Ideas

Great examples of inspiring Science lessons in this Teachers TV video collection!

All phases – National Science and Engineering Week

Lots of great resources to help you celebrate this year's National Science & Engineering Week (9th – 18th March)

More Science Collections for March

Apps of the week - Pregnancy

Get your learners to understand all aspects of pregnancy and foetal development with these free apps

My Pregnancy Today for Android

Pregnancy for iPhone/iPad

Let's Collaborate!

In our last collaborative brainstorm we asked you what Science topics you are most passionate about and here are your answers.

Previous Word Clouds

Answer Garden - a great collaborative brainstorming tool!

Take part in this fortnight's brainstorm below and tell us what inspired you to become a Scientist!

What inspired you to become a Scientist?... at AnswerGarden.ch

Science Collections for March

Primary collections


Be part of the world's biggest birdwatch by registering, getting information and downloading these Primary Science resources, including TESiBoard interactives!

Games for Grades

A great bank of games that can be adapted for all subjects and topics. A great way to help your learners revise for their exams!

Secondary collections

Science GCSE Revision

Great revision resources to get ready for the Science GCSE exams, including revision games, mind maps and PowerPoint presentations!

Teachers TV – How Science Works

A rich set Teachers TV videos on classroom resources to teach important aspects of How Science Works!

More Science Resources

TES Science Collections Index

Index page to all TES Science Collections

Primary Science on TES KS1

Teaching resources, worksheets and lesson plans for Key Stage 1

Primary Science on TES KS2

Teaching resources, worksheets and lesson plans for Key Stage 2

Secondary Science on TES Biology

Teaching resources, worksheets and lesson plans for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level Science

Secondary Science on TES Chemistry

Teaching resources, worksheets and lesson plans for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level Science

Secondary Science on TES Physics

Teaching resources, worksheets and lesson plans for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level Science

Science Articles in the TES

Sing a song of study

Students need techniques as well as facts to pass exams.

Creative climatology

Ripping out 'dangerous' plants is overkill.

More Resources

Alessio's profile page

Link to all of Alessio's resources

Latest Secondary Science newsletter

Even more resources, forum debates and jobs from the TES team.

Latest Primary newsletter

Even more resources, forums, debates and jobs from the TES Team.

About Alessio Bernardelli

Alessio Bernardelli is subject adviser for science on TES. He is a multiple award-winning teacher who has worked as head of KS3 science and as an educational consultant and resource developer. He is passionate about the use of new technologies in education, believing that they empower students to become more independent learners when used with sound pedagogical principles.

Alessio says that he wants to get to know all those who have uploaded resources, provided ideas and given feedback on TES. And he hopes to inspire many new contributors along the way. "I believe each contributor is a little star," he says.

Upload Invitation

Have you got any great resources to develop scientific inquiry? Why not upload them on TES and share your work and expertise with over 1.7 million educators worldwide? We are looking to build a Science Skills collection, so your resources will really make a difference. Please send the links to Alessio@tes.co.uk or via twitter @TESScience

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