Last updated 19th March 2012

Well Easter is nearly upon us. I hope you all have a great Easter break and come back refreshed and invigorated! Thanks so much for getting on board with our Sign Language focus during March: you shared some fabulous new resources. We have two focused areas for April: Resources for supporting pupils with ASD (to tie in with Autism Awareness) and Life Skills for older learners. I hope you'll be able to help! More about Bev...

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shabang, you have uploaded the most this week; thank you for sharing!

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A new partner , specialising in BSL resources, who really stepped up and helped with our March sign language focus - many thanks!

Weekly Highlights

Resource of the week

Super Powerpoint lesson plan for a variety of poetry forms- including acrostic style and free verse. Some Spring poems to read, enjoy and perform

Forum Discussion of the Week

More and more people in SEN are using ipads and tablets in the classroom. Can you add any ideas to this discussion?

Video of the Week

Uncovering the challenges facing some boys studying literacy, this video visitsa school to look at what makes pupil, Charlie Barker, tick.

Featured Collections

Sets of reviewed & recommended resources to save you time.

Essential information: P scales

Great SEN based guidance and ideas to support planning and assessment across a number of subjects

Getting to grips with money

A collection of highly rated resources that support this important life skill: from developing simple coin recognition to beginning to manage money appropriately.

Symbol Based Activities

Our second set of symbol based ideas, including a mixture of Widgit and PCS symbols. Something for everyone here!

Make Maths Count

Here's a handy selection of maths based resources: a little bit of everything, from P-Scales to interactive items to use in your classroom.

More Collections

Sign language for your classroom

In March we're focusing on Sign Language in the classroom. Here's a collection of handy resources to get you started!

Sensory matters

A selection of items designed to help you undertake multisensory activities and approaches within your classroom.

Let's get cooking

Lots of recipes, plans and other useful items that will support cookery in the SEN classroom through the use of symbols, photos and step by step approaches.

Symbol support for your classroom

Symbols are useful across many classroom areas including communication, organisation and managing behaviour. Here's our first symbols collection: I'm sure there is something here that will help you within your setting!

More Resources

SEN BBC Class Clips

A great selection of video content to use within your classroom.

SEN Teachers TV

Nearly 100 useful videos, covering all areas of SEN across different key stages.

The latest SEN newsletter

Even more resources, forums, debates and jobs from the TES Team.

Bev's Profile Page

Links to all of Bev's resources.

About Bev Evans

Bev Evans is adviser for SEN on TES. She is passionate about making the curriculum accessible and relevant to all students, whether through technology or by other means. She has a degree in inclusion and education studies and has spent many years developing and implementing ideas "to make inclusion a reality for pupils of all abilities".

She began in education as a learning support assistant, ending up as ICT co-ordinator of a large primary school. She was named Contributor of the Year in the TES School Awards in 2011 and her 360 TES resources have been downloaded more than 1.6 million times worldwide. Her willingness to share resources has won her many plaudits from the teaching community.