Titanic anniversary collection

A marvel of modern engineering, the ship they said was unsinkable sank after hitting an iceberg in the most infamous disaster of all time 100 years ago (April 15). A warning that mankind may be advanced but was not indestructible, the Titanic story has been retold many times. Explore the class divides, the mechanics and the story adaptations with these handpicked resources.

Primary resources

Creative curriculum

  • A post-SAT Titanic project exploring the journey, menu, science and much more.

A poem for the pearl of the ocean

  • Get pupils writing Titanic poems to commemorate the anniversary of the liner’s doom.

Planning plot

  • A whole school curriculum plan with a Titanic theme.

Titanic blueprint

  • Society to empathy, geography to chronology – cover key skills with this Year 5/6 Titanic scheme.

Social movement

  • A breakdown of the Titanic experience, as offered to the upper, middle and lower classes.

Iceberg ahead

  • Cover more than just the tip of the iceberg with this extensive range of lesson resources.


  • Decode the Morse code in this maths lesson to find out about the Titanic.

Building in Belfast

  • A poetic video about the Titanic’s construction from BBC Class Clips.

Roll up, roll up

  • Titanic tickets to inspire role-play.

Secondary resources

Sign of the times

  • What can the Titanic disaster reveal about the Edwardian period? Explore with this detailed SOW.

Why did it sink?

  • An enquiry lesson encouraging students to scurry for clues to find out why the unsinkable sank.

Colours for classes

  • Ship diagram to help students identify where the different classes were confined to.

Breaking news broadcast

  • Titanic timeline, poster presentation and broadcast for the Box. Plenty of engaging activities to explore the liner’s life story.

All aboard!

  • Welcome students onto the luxury liner and discover how they see the experience in this diary writing project.

Who’s to blame?

  • Turn classroom into courtroom as students decipher the evidence and decide whose fault it was.

Oceanic obsession

  • Stimulate debate with this bundle of speaking and listening Titanic tasks.

First person report

  • Students find themselves among panicking passengers as the tremendous Titanic sees its last days. How do they feel? What do they see? Find out with this creative writing lesson.