Topical teaching resources for October

Topical teaching resources for October

Keep your teaching topical with our free teaching resources dedicated to events in October. This month, you can get spooky and spacey with Halloween and World Space Week, respectively. There’s also plenty of opportunities to teach students about cultural and religious histories with Black History Month, Eid-al-Adha and Diwali all in the same month. See more October events

World Space Week (4 - 10) will launch you and your students into a galaxy of fun lesson ideas, inspiring learning opportunities, and exciting experiments. Let our World Space Week collection be your guide.

Black History Month (1 - 30) celebrates black people’s achievements and provides a starting point for lessons and discussions on racism. Try these assemblies, worksheets, classroom activities and videos.

Eid-al-Adha (5) is considered the second most important festival in the Muslim calendar and provides the perfect opportunity to teach students about Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to holy sites in Mecca.

Harvest festivals are celebrated all over the world at this time of year. Take this opportunity to think about where our food comes from with these lesson plans, and assembly presentations.

Diwali (23) is the Sikh and Hindu festival of lights; taking place as the nights get longer. Celebrate in school using these assemblies and presentations about the origins and rituals of Diwali.

Halloween (31) is the time of year for trick-or-treating and ghoulish games; find out how you can get some spookily good lessons themed around this yearly event and decorate your classroom.

More October events: