Tour de France

From the Grand Depart to the sprinters’ showdown on the Champs-Elysées, we’ve gathered a variety of activities, lesson ideas and tasks across a range of subjects to keep your students engaged during the Tour de France. Explore the history of the race, the science of cycling and the importance of healthy lifestyles with these resources shared by teachers on TES.


Tour de France vocab

Students create their own Tour de France glossary containing key words and terms associated with cycling, racing and the event.

Le Tour de France song

Lyrics and images to accompany a song on the Tour de France to help pupils learn about the race.

Le Tour fact finding

A French fact-finding lesson in which students produce a poster or brochure on the Tour de France.


What makes a good cyclist? Students explore the qualities, lifestyles and commitments required to ride in Le Tour de France.

Le Tour de France

Introduce students to the Tour de France with this PowerPoint presentation. Students can research aspects of the race and add to the presentation.

French logic puzzle

Students solve a series of problems based on clues, filling out an answers grid as they go.


Time calculations

Pupils practise speed calculations using real data from stage eight of the 2003 Tour de France, which was won by Chris Froome.

Tour de France by numbers

A task to give students to help create a Tour de France wall display and get them interested in one of the greatest sporting events on this year.

Maths booklet – Tour de France

This detailed booklet covers the numbers and data of the Tour de France, with a range of activities for students to work through.


In this activity, students match a series of statements to points on a distance/time graph.

Tour de France problem solving

These problem solving activities provide a daily maths task for students to explore different areas of maths, and be able to reason and justify their solutions.

The maths of cycling

A brief look at some of the maths that underpins cycling performance – how gear ratios, gradient, air resistance and power output effect speed.


Cycling presentation

A presentation on cycling, its history and health benefits. Pupils research different types of bike and the Tour de France.

Drugs in sport

These lessons on performance-enhancing drugs encourages students to consider ethical and moral aspects of sport.

Respiratory system

Using Bradley Wiggins as a case study, this presentation explores respiration, lung capacity and oxygen debt.

Other activities

Matisse meets le Tour

Art and design activities combining the style and techniques used by Matisse with the posters and materials used to promote the Tour de France.


A simple, Spanish comprehension activity for pupils to work through, answering questions on Bradley Wiggins’ routine.

Tour de France maths investigation

Comprehension activities, ‘build a bike’ competition and a selection of maths tasks based around the Tour de France.