Moving to a different school, or even a different class within the same school, can be daunting for pupils, whatever age they are. Here we have collected together tried and tested resources for easing the transition process, to support pupils – and their teachers.

Early Years transitions

Year 1 class welcome letter

A welcome letter to send to Year 1 children to explain how Year 1 will be different from Reception and to ease the transition.

Foundation to KS1

A few ideas to smooth transition and a booklet for Reception children to make for their new teacher.

Sample transition action plan

Ideas and suggestions to ease the process.

Transition from KS1 to KS2

Transition message: To and from my new teacher

Two letter templates for pupils and teacher to introduce themselves at the start of the year.

What to do if…

Advice on creating a smooth transition from Year 2 to Year 3.

Transition to the next primary class – Workbook

A simple social story and a positive and reassuring booklet that can be filled in to support anxious pupils.

Changes: New beginnings

A colourful, animated PowerPoint presentation aimed at discussing transition with pupils who are moving on to new classes or schools.

Transition from primary to secondary

Question postcards

Postcards to support transition. Year 6 pupils write down issues or concerns, to which Year 7 students reply.

Postcard templates

Postcard templates for parents to support their child on the transition to secondary.

Primary liaison PowerPoint presentation

A lesson plan, a certificate and a presentation for Year 7 teachers to take along when getting to know primary teachers and Year 6 students.

Teachers TV: A Taste of Secondary

See three secondary schools’ methods for transition and induction.

Teachers TV: Transition from Primary

What one head of Year 7 does to ease the transition to secondary school.

SEN pupils

Transition toolkit

Practical summary for supporting autistic pupils during transitions.

SEN scheme of work

Scheme of work for transitioning students with ASD.

Transition from primary to secondary school

A set of notes for teachers giving practical advice and strategies for easing transitions for students with Down’s Syndrome.

Experiences of transition

A report on the experiences of transition from school to further education for children with Down’s syndrome.

Teachers TV: Secondary Special Needs – SEN Pupils in Transition

This short video shows how one school meets the needs of present and future SEN pupils.

Your New Class

Secret agent files

Getting to know you – secret agent files for pupils to complete and add their photo.

Passport to Year X

A passport-style booklet for pupils to fill in.

50 ideas for meeting your new class

50 suggestions for activities to do when meeting your new class, either on a transition day or for the first day of term.

Transition day

Three templates to find out information about your new class.

All about me

A booklet template with categories for pupils to add their details.

Class charter

A poster for pupils to sign after agreeing on the rights and responsibilities in class.

Classroom monitor list

A way of getting children to feel responsible for their surroundings and to involve pupils in the class community.

Getting to know you

Ideas for displays, posters and activities to get to know a new class.