Updates to the Early Years Foundation Stage on TES Resources

Updates to the Early Years Foundation Stage on TES Resources

We have updated the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) section of our website so that it is matched to the revised statutory framework, which came into effect in September 2012.

We’d like to say a big thank you for your patience while we have made the updates to the website. We would welcome your feedback; you can email us at resources@tes.co.uk, or follow us on Twitter @tesearlyyears

So what’s new on the website?

Nine new channels

Seven channels have been revised from existing pages so that they are more closely mapped to the revised statutory framework, while two are brand new to the TES site.

In specific areas, you will find Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design

In prime areas, we have Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development

The two new channels are Pedagogy and Professional Development and Popular Early Learning Themes


In addition to the sub-topics already available on the site, you can now also search for and label resources in all areas by four new sub-topic categories: Continuous Provision, EAL (English as an Additional Language), Outdoor Learning and Role Play.

A quick guide to the TES site changes

Communications and Language (previously part of Communication, Language and Literacy)
Visit this channel for resources to support speaking and listening, signing, communication and understanding, drama, stories and songs, rhymes and poems.

Expressive Arts and Design (previously called Creative Development)
If you’re looking for artistic ideas, you’ll find resources here for creative development including movement and dance, music, art, construction and expressive play.

Literacy (previously part of Communication, Language and Literacy)
Resources for two of the three ‘R’s live here, including topics such as mark-making, stories and books, reading and writing, phonics, alphabet and handwriting.

Mathematics (previously called Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy)
In this area you’ll find resources for early maths learning and teaching including patterns and symmetry, shape and measure, number and counting.

Pedagogy and Professional Development
This new channel is dedicated to resources for the wide-range of professional staff who work in early childhood education. You can find lots of helpful videos from Teachers TV offering practical tips, lesson ideas and resources to inspire your professional development.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Help support your pupils’ self-confidence and independence with resources on topics such as making friends, relationships and managing feelings and behaviour. New category highlights include puppets, circle time, picture books and stories and games and play.

Popular Early Learning Themes
This brand new area for Early Years brings together thousands of resources shared by popular early learning themes. This channel will help you to find and label great resources more easily, and includes cross-curricular topics such as dinosaurs, farms, pirates, treasure and superheroes.

Physical Development
In this area you’ll find resources to support development in movement and motor skills and understanding bodies and hygiene and food and eating. Games, gymnastics and dance, songs, rhymes and poems are also included here.

Understanding the World (previously called Knowledge and Understanding of the World)
This busy area plays host to resources on topics including festivals and celebrations, ourselves, people who help us, animals, minibeasts, plants and environments, seasons and weather, space and planets and homes and buildings. also includes technology, toys and transport.