Video of the Week

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World Humanitarian Day - 19th August

These videos from ActionAid, Oxfam, Christian Aid and BBC Class Clips highlight the roles performed by humanitarian workers during natural disasters, conflicts and other emergencies.

Haiti - Film 8: Just living?

Communications officer Susan Barry tells us about Christian Aid's work on emergency aid/disaster relief and long-term aid. This video focuses on the disastrous earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2010.

The Work of an NGO

ActionAid has produecd a multimedia resource for KS3/4 Geography or Citizenship teaching to encourage learners to investigate, debate and critically evaluate key questions relating to ActionAid’s approach to development.

Conflict and Water Vulnerability

This film clip looks at how conflict can make people 'water vulnerable'. It explores Oxfam's humanitarian work providing water and sanitation in Chad and Angola.

Emergency shelters and humanitarian relief

The Medecins Sans Frontieres facility in Brussels has emergency shelters which can provide humanitarian relief around the world.

Humanitarian worker: Juliette

Juliette Murekeyisoni, 37, was living with her family as a refugee in Burundi when the Rwandan genocide erupted in 1994. Leaving her family behind, she travelled to Rwanda on her own to help the injured and dying people there.

Mauritania: Convoy to Safety for Mali Refugees

At Mauritania's border with Mali, a convoy of vehicles sets off with more than 1,500 Malian refugees to Mbera, a camp established 50 kilometres away.