Web Wonder Week #3 - Newseum and Newsmap

Both Newseum and Newsmap let you display the latest news stories from across the world in an interactive visual way.

Newseum gives you a world map where you can view the front pages from around 800 of that day’s newspapers (see screen shot below left). As you hover over the region the relevant newspaper front pages pop up.

Newsmap visually displays online news headlines pulled from the Google news aggregator. The stories are updated every 10 minutes and then displayed as a webpage (see screen shot below right). Click on the headline and you’re taken to the full article. You can also search by keywords for different types of news or drill down by geographical location.

Newseum has more limitations than Newsmap, but using both tools could make a real impact in your classroom.

How to use Newseum and Newsmap in the classroom

Why not use Newsmap at the start of a new topic and get students to search for related news articles? It’s a great visual way to carry out research into a new topic.

If you’re working on a particular topic or question you could investigate patterns or differences in how each country covers the story.

This could be a great way to visually cover a real time event, such as a volcanic eruption and to monitor how the news updates change over time.

If you have a go at using either of these sites please leave a comment letting us know how you used them and what the impact on learning was in your classroom.

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