Web Wonder Week #4 – 10 x 10

The 10x10 website presents the words and images that are trending on news sites across the world in real time. Every hour of every day the site collects the most popular 100 words and 100 images based on feeds from the likes of ABC, Reuters and the BBC. These words and images are presented as a single image made up of 10x10 smaller images. You can then click on individual windows to read more about the story or get information behind the keyword or image.

I think this site has great potential for use in the classroom, and the good news is it won’t cost you anything, apart from the time you waste playing with it.

How to use 10x10 in the classroom

1. Get students to select one of the 100 words and to write a short piece of creative writing using just the word and image as inspiration.

2. As part of a creative homework task, ask your students to follow the 10x10 page at the same time every day for a week. Get them to look for patterns and to investigate if there are certain themes developing.

3. Display 10x10 on your whiteboard in the mornings as a starting point for discussion and focus; if you’re a secondary teacher you could use it with your tutor group, if you’re a primary teacher you could do it as one of your first learning activities.

If you have a go at using either of these sites please leave a comment letting us know how you used them and what the impact on learning was in your classroom.

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Who is Dan Roberts?

Dan Roberts is a former deputy headteacher at Saltash.net Community School and is now headteacher at the International School Seychelles.

Dan is known to many who have read his blog as the ‘Chicken Man’ thanks to his work in the Recharge the Battery science project, which began when pupils wanted to rescue battery chickens from a local intensive farm to live a free-range life at the school. This scheme became the basis for a unique curriculum which has since been disseminated around the globe by Microsoft.

In recognition of his work, Dan won the ICT Visionary Award at the 2012 TES Awards, where he was commended as, “no one-trick pony (or even a one-trick chicken), but a bold scavenger who explores all sorts of different technologies and discovers new approaches for other teachers around the world”.

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