Web Wonder Week #5 - Essay Map

I’ve only just started using Essay Map in the classroom and already I love it.

Many of the students I teach find it difficult to write and structure an essay; actually even I do. Essay Map is a brilliant tool which works as an interactive graphic organiser that walks you through the process of writing an essay. You fill in the boxes as you go and then you can save it, print it or even email it when you’re finished.

How to use Essay Map in the classroom

1. This is a great tool to use with lower ability students who find it difficult to structure essays. These pupils found it much easier to create the essay with less support from me and it made them feel more independent.

2. Some groups of children, particularly boys, don’t enjoy writing essays and I’ve found Essay Map can engage those students who don’t like completing an essay on paper.

3. Get students to complete the essay plan using the tool then email it to a partner or a group and get students to peer assess and give feedback on each other’s work. Then get the students to complete a final draft taking on board the feedback.

4. Use the essay-creating tool as a chain. Get one student to complete the first part (eg the title and intro) and then pass it on to another student who completes the next part and so on. By the end of the lesson you have a collaborative essay.

If you have a go at using Essay Map please leave a comment letting us know how you used it and what the impact on learning was in your classroom.

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Who is Dan Roberts?

Dan Roberts is a former deputy headteacher at Saltash.net Community School and is now headteacher at the International School Seychelles.

Dan is known to many who have read his blog as the ‘Chicken Man’ thanks to his work in the Recharge the Battery science project, which began when pupils wanted to rescue battery chickens from a local intensive farm to live a free-range life at the school. This scheme became the basis for a unique curriculum which has since been disseminated around the globe by Microsoft.

In recognition of his work, Dan won the ICT Visionary Award at the 2012 TES Awards, where he was commended as, “no one-trick pony (or even a one-trick chicken), but a bold scavenger who explores all sorts of different technologies and discovers new approaches for other teachers around the world”.

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