Webchat – Languages teachers: What are your priorities?

Languages teachers: What are your priorities? 1

Why tune in?

TES Connect languages adviser Rachel Hawkes responds to questions and discusses priorities for languages teachers at the moment. She says:

Every year is a year of change in teaching. We are always responding to the implications of national curriculum or assessment changes for at least one Key Stage, it seems!

But amidst all the policy changes, we also have to deal with the day-to-day demands of the learners in front of us. So what is at the top of your priority list?

  • The new 2014 curriculum?
  • How to make headway with KS2-3 transition?
  • What schools are doing with assessment post-2014?

Are you looking at how to improve with one of your classes? Or maybe you're hoping to improve in one particular area, such as setting homework, encouraging independent learning or improving speaking, writing, literacy, grammar or behaviour in your classes.

Whatever it might be that is top of your priority list right now, it is always the case that getting different perspectives and ideas on an issue can help. You can post your question here at any time before the chat, plus you can join in the discussion live.

About our guest:

Rachel is a passionate teacher and advocate of language learning, she is an assistant principal and has shared more than 1,200 resources on TES Connect.

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