Webinar - Bringing the meaning of money to life

Bringing the meaning of money to life

Worried about teaching the meaning of money?

Click on the link below to watch a webcast discussing how best to teach early years and primary pupils about personal finance. The discussion is hosted by the TES and supported by pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) and HSBC.

And why not take a look at the resources below to inspire your personal finance lesson planning.

Useful personal finance resources

What Money Means resources

What Money Means in Primary Schools draws on practical experience gathered while teaching personal finance education. It features over 20 detailed case studies and short taster ideas to get teachers started. Learn from the experiences of other primary schools in teaching personal finance and about working with financial sector volunteers. There is also a Code of Conduct to help you manage your relationship professionally.

My Money Guide to Child Trust Fund

A free resource pack for Key Stage 2 teachers containing a host of activities and lesson plans plus a large classroom poster to help explain the Child Trust Fund to pupils in an easy-to-understand and fun way. The pack contains a guide, fold-out poster, teacher booklet and two full lesson plans for teaching about the topic through PSHE. Photocopiable activity sheets included.

My Money Primary Toolkit

A full-curriculum personal finance education toolkit for Foundation and key stages 1 and 2. The My Money Primary Toolkit contains a range of lesson plans and engaging activities to support financial capability teaching at primary schools. The toolkit can be used flexibly either to inspire teachers to use individual lessons or teach a whole personal finance curriculum from Foundation to the end of Key Stage 2.

My Money Parents Guide

Discussions about money within family contexts have a huge range of benefits for pupils. Parents and carers are in a unique position to aid their children's understanding of finance - they can give examples of how it's managed in a household and can answer questions that are inappropriate to ask in other situations.

My Money: Local Authority Briefing Pack

Advice and support for delivering effective personal finance education programmes. This booklet is being produced to help those Local Authority staff who are concerned with the economic wellbeing of children, young people and families identify where the promotion of financial capability can support their work. It introduces the My Money programme, describes its purpose and scope and how it can contribute to existing national, local and school priorities.

Money Matters and Mobiles

Use of mobile phones provides a real life context for helping children understand money matters and develop their financial skills for life. pfeg has worked with eight primary schools to develop new and innovative teaching practices that would help children aged 9-11 make a connection between using the phone and paying the bill. This resource pack records their experiences and offers schemes of work, lesson plans, PowerPoint guides to lessons, activities and examples of pupils' work to give you ideas to plan and teach personal finance around mobile phones.