Why consider peer tutoring?

Why consider peer tutoring?

Peer tutoring » Why consider peer tutoring?

What is the potential academic impact?

The evidence of impact is relatively high and typically equates to about a GCSE grade (Education Endowment Foundation). There is some evidence that children from disadvantaged backgrounds and low attaining pupils make the biggest gains. The approach should be used to supplement or enhance normal teaching, rather than to replace it.

Consistent positive effects have been found in different countries, across all age groups and across the curriculum, although cross-age tutoring appears to offer slightly greater benefit for tutor and tutee.

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What are the benefits to tutor and tutee?

Though both pupils involved gain, cross-age tutoring appears to offer slightly greater benefit for tutor than tutee.

However there is no doubt that peer tutoring has positive effects on both tutors and tutees. Research shows that in peer tutoring projects:

  • The tutors improve as much, if not more than, the tutees
  • Both tutor and tutee improve how they feel about the subject area
  • Both tutor and tutee show improved confidence and better behaviour

Other benefits to students include:

  • Increased attainment in mathematics and reading
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Enhanced interpersonal, social and teamwork skills
  • Greater awareness of the needs of others
  • Better developed communication skills
  • An enhanced sense of citizenship
  • Enhanced social cohesiveness and reduced social exclusion for classes as a whole
  • Better social, communication and teamwork skills

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