Win a luxury chocolate Easter Egg!

Enjoy a tasty treat from TES this Easter. Everyone who uploads at least 50 quality resources in either Easter week (2nd-8th April or 9th-15th April) is guaranteed to win a luxury Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat!

Win a luxury chocolate Easter Egg!

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who shared resources on TES during Easter. These lucky members each win a luxury Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat for uploading at least 50 quality resources!

Your resources could also win you some much-deserved 'me-time'

By sharing your resources on TES, you will be entered automatically into our competitions to win exclusive use of a private Spanish island for a week and a series of weekend escapes!

Plus… you could also help your school to win £4,000!

    Please complete this form and then all the resources you share during the competition period will also count towards your school's total score in our Schools Challenge. The Schools Challenge competition runs until the 20th April 2012. Please visit our Schools Challenge page for more information and updates.

    Easter Egg competition – terms and conditions

    • Promotion open to existing TES Members aged 18 years of age or over.
    • To be eligible you will need to upload at least 50 quality teaching resources to between 2nd–8th April 2012 (week 1) or 9th–15th April 2012 (week 2)
    • All qualifying resources must be uploaded before the closing date of 8th April by midnight (week 1), or 15th April by midnight (week 2).
    • For the purposes of this promotion, a qualifying resource is defined as:
    • At least one file (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc) upload per resource page. A web link on its own to other resources' websites will not qualify for entry.
    • Original material, created by the person who submitted the resource.
    • Appropriate content for the intended target audience and learning objective.
    • Correctly mapped to a subject/topic on the site, with a meaningful description (including, where necessary, details such as learning objective and how to use the resource) and title.
    • Appropriate classifications added to each resource page i.e the key stage, subject, topic (and subtopic if relevant).
    • Titles and descriptions of resources must not be duplicated. Any resources with duplicate titles will NOT be counted. Descriptions should not be a repeat of the title and must be 'descriptive' of what the resource is e.g. what is it? how can it be used?
    • For the purposes of this promotion, a single resource page will be counted as one resource only, regardless of how many files are attached to that resource page.
    • Resources must be unique i.e not a duplicate resource, or a previously published resource that was taken down and then republished in the promotion timeframe.
    • Resources uploaded with negligible differences between the original and the duplicate will NOT be considered qualifying resources and will therefore not be counted e.g. resources created using a template with minor variations applied.
    • In the interest of fairness, resources which have been created using any kind of online generator / template / macros etc. will not be considered. Using such software to maximise number of resources will be considered an unfair advantage over other entrants.
    • Resources which have been clearly split into multiple documents and uploaded as individual resources will NOT be considered qualifying resources and will therefore not be counted e.g. a single page of a Scheme of Work uploaded as a whole resource with relevant information missing, or worksheets that are related to a shared lesson plan that do not make sense in isolation.
    • Any resources not considered by the promoter, in its absolute discretion, to be qualifying entries in accordance with these terms & conditions will not be counted as part of the number of submissions and may be removed from the site. We reserve the right to disqualify any resources we deem unacceptable, so please bear this in mind before you upload a resource. We reserve the right to disqualify a user completely from the promotion if the first 5 resources we audit do not meet the requirements of these terms & conditions. If in doubt, please contact before uploading your resource.
    • Joint entries are not permissible.
    • Syndicated entries or those made using methods such as a computer macro, a script or the use of automated devices or processes are not allowed and all such entries will be disqualified.
    • Resources must remain on the site for at least one year after the closing date of the competition. TSL reserve the right to revoke any prizes awarded if resources are removed.
    • Every entrant that uploads at least 50 quality resources in a single week of the promotion (2nd–8th April or 9th–15th April) will win a luxury Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat. Prize may differ from the one shown.
    • Entrants are only eligible to win one Easter egg across the entire promotion. If an entrant uploads at least 50 quality resources in both weeks of the promotion, they are still only eligible to win one Easter egg.
    • All winners will be contacted by email within 48 hours of the promotion closing date. If no response to this contact has been received within 28 days, the promoter reserves the right to withdraw prize entitlement.
    • The decision of the promoter is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
    • Easter eggs will be delivered to UK winners. We will endeavour to find a local alternative for overseas winners. If no alternative can be found, we reserve the right to offer overseas winners a cash prize of £15 instead.
    • The prize will be awarded on condition that the winner agrees to take part in reasonable TSL publicity requests as appropriate without further recompense. If this condition is not met by the winner, the promoter reserves the right to withdraw prize entitlement.
    • The promoter reserves the right to disqualify an entry if it's believed the entrant does not hold the copyrights or have the permissions necessary to qualify the resource as their original work.
    • The promoter reserves the right in its absolute discretion: ( a) to disqualify any claimant, competitor or nominee whose conduct is contrary to the spirit of the rules or the intention of the promotion and to declare as void any or all of their claims or entries based on such conduct; (b) to declare as void any claims or entries resulting from any printing, production and/or distribution errors (including but not limited to any error(s) on this website, and/or other printed materials) or where there has been error(s) in any aspect of the preparation for or conduct of the promotion materially affecting the result of the promotion or the number of claimants or the value of claims; (c) to add to or to waive any rules on reasonable notice; and/or (d) to cancel the promotion or any part of it at any stage in the event of circumstances beyond its reasonable control only where circumstances make this unavoidable.
    • Please refer to our privacy policy and general terms for full details on how your information is used by TSL and the site's conditions of use.
    • Employees and agents of TSL Education Limited or any company connected with the production or distribution of the promotion or any of their associated companies are not eligible to take part in this promotion, nor are their relatives or members of their families or households. Proof of eligibility must be provided on request.
    • Entry to this promotion is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions. By sharing your resources on the TES website, you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms.

    Promoter: TES, 26 Red Lion Square, London. WC1R 4HQ